By Sikaile Sikaile


We have been reliably informed by our close sources within state house of ECZ working in hand with state house compiling a voter registration data base for the PF government. We find the move to be purely criminal, and it should be condemned by all meaningful Zambians as it has a hidden agenda.

In case you don’t know what it means fellow citizens, this is a statistical analysis strategy which may end up with closing voter registration prematurely should PF get their estimated figures in their perceived strongholds through this data collection…Watch it.

State house is busy collecting data of their perceived supporters from all Districts.

This covert operation is done by statehouse itself our intelligence sources have disclosed. Their perceived supporters are instructed to send details of their voters cards to handlers at districts for onward transmission to statehouse. Here a catch is, these numbers are being totaled up and compared to the overall numbers. Why? If PF gets its desired numbers in this first month of registration.The registration program will have no extension. So it’s imperative that all those who want to see change must all queue up for as long as it takes and register enemas. We are dealing with criminals who are determined to manipulate their way back into office.

If the machines breakdown in opposition stronghold, let us all go to their strongholds and register from there. This was the reason of deleting the old register so that they do the math now and create a numbers rigging formula that will never leave them embarrassed like in 2016 where they created fictions of constituencies like the case was for Chitulika and Lundazi. Maths is being done and the rigging software is being created as we speak.

That’s why statehouse is as busy as ECZ. Remember, ECZ is reporting daily records to statehouse, this is why we maintain our call for the disbundment of the current Electiral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), for it does not work to save Zambians but the PF rank and file.

The current ECZ executive is very corrupt and will not give us a fair election next year if we don’t act accordingly right now. Their ongoing arrogance at this point shows that even if they announce fake results next year, they will not correct them just like what Chulu did in 2016 when he created fake constituencies and figures.

When you hear of voter cards being collected, it is all for the maths.Rigging has began.We all need to remind Esau Chulu and Shindano to stop this criminality at all cost.

Sikaile Sikaile
Good Governance and Human Rights Activist for Zambia and Amnesty International



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