…With every passing 12 months, UPND is becoming more academic, than practical…

( Funso! What Is It That Dr Hakainde Hichilema And His Advisors Aren’t Doing Right?)

My simplest questions may not be as popular amongst the drunk fans of the UPND;

a) has Dr Hakainde Hichilema got competent economic and political advisors?

b) and, if the advisors are equal to the governance task, does the president listen to them?

c) do they effectively read the economic environment?

d) are they comfortable with the current political situation?

e) is there hope for shift in economic direction?

f) why are professional lawyers and economists mute, when the country is trotting backwards?

If we have competent people at the Bank of Zambia, and the Ministry of Finance, how courageous are they to make good enough decisions for Zambia?

Don’t say it is global….

Is Zambia the only country affected, adversely, by the wars in Europe (Ukraine) and the Middle East (Palestine)?

If the challenge is global, why aren’t the dollar and the pound losing their strengths against other currencies?

How are we the only country failing to recover from the pandemic?

Why is the kwacha (ZMW) losing like Manchester United and Chelsea Football Clubs when everyone else is playing in the same league?

What is Zambia’s excuse on poor management of the economy?

In 2021, people voted for change… does Dr HH and the UPND Government realize that Zambia are not interested in academic theories ?

What has happened with the IMF / World Bank discussions? Where did we go wrong as a nation?

What is so special about the United States and Britain that we could not speak intelligently with China and / or India?

What is our agenda and program like?

Why are we shifting energies and resources from fighting poverty to fighting members of the PF?

How would fighting a former president Edgar Lungu help reduce the cost of doing business in Zambia? (Did Mr Edgar Lungu gain anything by fighting and harassing Mr Hichilema? Did it make him a stronger candidate?

How would the continued harassment of members of the opposition help UPND government reduce cost living?

We know a black man is very vindictive, and vengeful, but what is the opportunity cost?

If Mr HH and UPND focus all their energies on killing the opposition who would focus on bettering the lives of Zambians between 2021 and 2026?

How is UPND hoping to grow Zambia’s economy by killing democracy?

Regrettably, a black man never learns

Why is President Hichilema trying to make the exact mistakes that Mr Edgar Lungu and Mr Stephen Kampyongo’s Zambia Police made?

Has the UPND forgotten that ECL lost elections because Zambians don’t like a man or woman who abuses the law with impunity? Why then are the UPND trying to employ the Zambia Police and a few people at the National Assembly to hurt Zambians?

Why should the Police be ones to fight people’s politics wars?

Why should parliament be the battle ground for bad, primitive politics?

How competent are our lawyers in Zambia?

Do they have the courage to correct situations? Or everyone waits for Zambian women and youths to punish erring politicians during elections?

Has UPND got an internal intelligence wing?

Do they really know why Zambians have not been defecting to join, and strengthen the UPND?

What is still holding and keeping people around PF and SP… even after HH has removed cadres from market places, increased CDF, employed over 40,000 civil servants, and has spoken well at international forums?

Do they understand why and how PF has maintained its structures at grassroots level?

Do they know why UPND is not growing in the Eastern, Muchinga, Luapula and the Northern Provinces?

Do they understand why most SMEs in Lusaka Province are encouraging the Mr Fred M’membe’s Socialist Party to team up with Mr Lungu’s PF? (Realistic people feel cheated)

Do they know why most youths and women on the Copperbelt are eagerly waiting to vote again in 2026? (People are fast losing hope and the faith)

Does UPND realize that Mr Miles Sampa is an unstable joker who could be hired by anybody, anytime?

Two years done, and UPND is not growing numbers…

…how do UPND tacticians hope to rebuild confidence amongst the youths?

Warning: We should not lie to ourselves the Mr HH has no competition?

Zambia is bigger than the PF membership. People are recruiting, and things change!

Mind you, one of Zambia’s best president, Dr Levy Patrick Mwanawasa was recruited in the 93rd “minute of the game”

You snooze, you lose

We should not cheat ourselves that HH has strong MPs or DCs, come 2026, for the very first time, our National Assembly will have the highest number of opposition and independent members

In 2026, people will not vote for hope & help but correction of repeated mistakes

In 2026, people will not be voting for promises and lies

That year will be different

When that time comes, people will be reacting to weaknesses NOT of the PF but UPND

The only effective tool that HH / UPND could use to survive 2026 is a better economy nothing else!

Politics is about effective numbers

In any marriage, pride leads to divorce;

Pride : if President HH and his people don’t improve, shock awaits them

Arrogance : if members of the UPND refuse to entice communities to join the party, the soon to be born Opposition Alliance will grab a huge share, and UPND would live to regret

Those who think presidential term could be increased to seven years, or that parliament might remove the 50% + 1 clause are just waisting their time

Zambians could allow anybody to play politics but not their constitution

Let us be honest with ourselves. Things don’t look good!

Shibukeni ba UPND

Alinase Gerald Nsangu


Northern Rhodesia

+260 978 990 055


  1. You miss political advisors like kaiza zulu, Amos and Chris. The current team you are unable to feel they advise cause its not painful.

  2. You should back up your analysis with data otherwise it’s more of your opinion than being factual. For example, you are saying people are not defecting to UPND and you are not telling us on how many are leaving UPND defecting to PF and SP. Of course, things are different now, MPs don’t just resign anyhow, the constitution bars them from doing so. But you saw how people defected to UPND when UPND SG went round the country. Few days ago, Lusaka Central MP received hundreds of defectors from PF and SP, you missed it if you never saw it. As we go into full throttle campaigns in 2026, such defections will worsen, many people still have a lot of confidence in UPND. Wait and see, most of these parties will be nashala neka party (nnp).


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