CYCLONE FREDDY: Malawi president launches international appeal for help

Lazarus Chakwera

The president of Malawi, Lazarus Chakwerahas launched an international appeal for help in the aftermath of the devastation caused by Cyclone Freddy.

The storm killed at least 225 people.

Speaking in the capital, Blantyre, on Wednesday, President Chakwera appealed for help.

“Malawi is in a state of disaster. What cyclone Freddy has done, is to pull us back even when we were trying to rebuild, because of past tragedies. And I appeal to the international community to please look at us with such favour. Because we need help, we need help in terms of people that have been rescued, who have lost everything. Needing what is necessary, shelter, clothing, food”, said the President of Malawi.

It was the second time in less than three weeks that the country was battered by cyclone Freddy that also affected neighbouring Mozambique.

Many people perished in landslides that swept away flimsy homes built on slopes.

Flood levels remained high in some areas, hampering emergency efforts.


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