VIDEO: DaBaby Fan Gropes His Genitals At Gas Station, He Responds To Uproar


Today, DaBaby took to Instagram to share a clip of a questionable fan encounter he experienced recently, which has since sparked uproar. In the clip, he’s seen sitting in his car at a gas station when a woman approaches him looking for a photo.

After posing for the selfie, and making some suggestive comments, the woman says goodbye and tells him to be safe. Before walking away, however, she gropes his genitals. He closes the door as she leaves, saying “She just sexually assaulted me. Boy, let’s go.”

Several reports have since been made about the incident, prompting a debate about the encounter among social media users. Several commenters note that the fan took things entirely too far, and should have respected his personal space and kept her hands to herself. Others think that DaBaby was joking, and wouldn’t have shared the clip and seemed so unfazed had he been upset by the incident.

“She touched his genitals without consent. That is indeed sexual assault. Dismissing it is ins*ne,” one Instagram user says. “If you truly feel sexually assaulted you would not be giggling,” another argues. Amid the debate, DaBaby entered The Shade Room’s comments section to come to the woman’s defense.

“Don’t do Auntie dat. It’s all good, enjoy the moment baby [heart emoji],” he wrote. While it doesn’t appear as though DaBaby is distraught over the interaction, users note that the fan still took things too far, and is lucky that the performer didn’t decide to press charges or put her on blast.


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