Danish king releases a book three days after taking office

Queen Mary and King Frederik on one of their first public outings as the new Danish monarchs

Three days after becoming the king of Denmark, Frederik X has written and released a book without warning.

Danes were surprised to see the book, and the media quickly started sharing quotes from it on their live blogs.

“The King’s Word” is about what Frederik thinks about Denmark’s position in the world and his relationship with his wife, Queen Mary.

Frederik became king on Sunday because his mother, Margrethe II, stepped down on New Year’s Eve.

It was written by Jens Andersen, who wrote a book about Frederik in 2017, and is based on interviews done in the past year and a half.

In one part, Frederik says that when he was a kid, he found it hard to believe that he would be the King of Denmark. He just wanted to be like any other boys his age.

I remember my 18th birthday feeling like the world was ending. “I felt like all the fun and excitement was going to stop now. ” “Thankfully, it didn’t,” Frederik says.

In the book, the king talks about his faith and how he and his wife pray with their kids every night.

He also talks about his family, saying that his father, Prince Henrik of Denmark, who died in 2018, was very traditional and tried to teach his two sons the same values.

Frederik says: “My wife sometimes tells me that I’m not always right and my words aren’t always believed just because I’m a man in the house. I’ve learned a lot from her. ”

Tens of thousands of people came to see King Frederik X become the new king of Denmark on Sunday, taking over from his mother.

With tears in his eyes, Frederik told a happy crowd outside Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen that he wanted to be a king who brings people together in the future.

His mother Margarethe II stepped down from being queen after ruling for 52 years.


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