Danny Yenga blasts “absent” Tayengwa


Danny Yenga blasts “absent” Tayengwa

Kabwata grassroot Strongman Danny Yenga, has blasted Kabwata MP Andrew Tayengwa for failing to speak for people in Kabwata

Yenga is disgusted that Tayengwa has opted to remain quiet when the Lusaka City Council demolished traders’ stalls during the rainy season.

He is disappointed that Tayengwa has decided to keep mute when traders in his constituency are being harassed and victimised by the local authority.

“Ba Tayengwa tamwakwata amano, honestly speaking, how do you keep quiet when people who voted for you are being harassed and there only source of income clashed?”

“You are a disappointment, people that voted for you are being harassed and you are quiet! Awe awe kwateni amono”

“You are on a salary from parliament. Where do you think those trader’s whose stand you are breaking will earn their living from?”

Yenga further wondered where the traders will get money to pay for fees as private schools, colleges and universities will be openning next year January.

“Schools are opening in January next year, and these traders are parents, and they need money to pay for fees and other school requirements.

Yenga advised the Kabwata MP to show leadership and speak for the people.

And Yenga told off Tayengwa that he will be a one term MP for not representing the people of Kabwata well.

“Insoni ebuntu, just because you are on a salary and you have been collecting funds for the illegal plots, you have decided to neglect the people that voted for you! Those poor people’s stands you have demolished in the rain season, people that voted for you, where do you expect them to go? Tayengwa ulekwatako uluse ku bantu. you lied to those people and they voted for you. Think about their plight.”

“Kwateniko uluse ku bantu. Abuntu bakuvotela iwe waisa mukubachita wanya wanya.. don’t just get paid free money, come on the ground and help the people. nowonder you will be a one term MP. I am meeting you in 2026. You have failed to do anything in Kabwata apart from getting paid free money,” Yenga added!


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