Deal with those insulting HH – Milupi


Deal with those insulting HH – Milupi

CHARLES Milupi has instructed Gilbert Liswaniso, the UPND national youth leader to deal with anyone perceived to be insulting President Hakainde Hichilema in their criticism, vowing that the governing party shall no longer tolerate people in the habit of insulting the head of State.

And Obvious Mwaliteta, the Lusaka Province UPND chairman has threatened the Barotsse Royal Establishment (BRE) 2024 Kuomboka/Kufuluhela Organising Committee Chairperson, Nathaniel Mubukwanu with unknown reprisals for allegedly turning the Establishment into extension of the PF

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  1. I think praise singers take criticism of their supreme leader as insults.

    In any case, Milupi should not be directing brainless UPND cadres to take the law into their own hands. These cadres do not even know the law. We expect wisdom from our leaders, not this law of the cattle farm.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

  2. Bo Milupi
    Is this your train of thought. This system you are supporting may one day make you regret. HH had no right to cause the fracas in Barotseland. They are right. It’s the Zambian government that abrogated the agreement that bound the two separate governments together. Power corrupts and corrupts absolutely. PF thought they were NOT going to lose power but where are they today? I hope uou will reflect. HH is NOT God because he makes these horrible mistakes unlike God. He can be critisized


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