Dear Family and Friends, always remember that life is a journey.

Allow me to share the untold story of a man in the picture,in order to encourage someone who thinks suicide is the solution.

Having been born from a retired civil servant in the Kaunda days at cabinet office(George Lamecks Tembo)alive, and uneducated nsenga mother but full of wisdom,love for all and family unifier(Mary Maria Zulu Tembo)late, I learnt my human surviving skills at an early age.

Being the 4th born out of eight(8), five(5)ladies and three ( 3) gents and the only person to have reached university levels. Life has not been an ice cream kind of journey.

I have been a street kid before(beggar),a bus conductor/inexperienced driver,a street business person(tamanga),a school drop out at some point,a failure,a laughingstock,despised and humiliated,I have been appointed and disappointed before,fired and hired,promoted and demoted,sidelined,rejected and ejected,accused and justified,persecuted and betrayed,uncounted in matters of importance and all bad things you would think of people go through to have depression.In all these experiences,I have seen God and one thing I can publicly confess is that our surviving Father only provided God to our lives and that’s all we had.

Because of the Almighty God we were given, today we are reaping the fruits of trusting in him.God re-wrote my name by redefining me.He gave me a new name,
connected me to the right people/destiny helpers and today,no one would tell that we had gone through tough situations because Jesus picked, washed, ironed and exposed us to his glory for the manifestation of his goodness.

Kindly know that you don’t just become without being combed.

To cut the long testimony short.Out of what you are going through don’t think of taking your life because that’s the worst cawardice idea.Learn something out of that situation and ask God to guide you through.

Life is more important than what you are going through.That situation is just but temporal which will come to an end soon but when you take your life, the end destination is hell and there it will be forever in pain.You are not the first one to be there,someone passed through that before and they conquered.

Thank you,May God heal and deliver you in Jesus Christ name.

Happy Sabbath 👏🏻


David Tembo


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