Cartoonist and Satirist William Wapi writes…

Thank you for featuring on Muvi TV last night to show us a side of you we haven’t seen before as aspiring Member of Parliament under the ruling Patriotic Front Party. First of all, Whether you are being serious or utterly out of things to do, It’s always inspiring to see a woman venture into Male Dominated Territories such as Politics, however

That was a completely catastrophic start, Honourable, and that was not even a tough interviewer by Nursery School Standards (sorry, Miss Muvi TV Interviewer). Yet you were brutally butchered, a total blood bath, to the point that your lovely accent shook off its hinges and fell apart from Kardashian to Kabwata quicker than Bill 10 which you failed to defend together with allegations that the Ruling Party is corrupt.

This was your best—and mean BEST—answer when asked about Corruption in Government: “Is it true that the President has not fixed things in this country? You know what I mean? Like myself, you can talk about my flaws today. I can tell you I have a bunch of flaws. I can look in the mirror and say, “Oh my gad, I have a PIMPLE. That doesn’t mean my whole face should go to waste” [insert a Nigerian screaming: JEZOS IS LOD!]

It was at this point that I fell so violently from my bed onto the floor cracking my ribs and crying that the dogs in the yard started barking through the window asking me what the hell was going on to which I responded by opening the window and making them watch your interview as well and guess what? Imbwa Shaba Landlord Ukufwa Nenseko Na Shena Haha!

Ahem, But I am not only here to hysterically laugh at you, I am also here to encourage you to not give up on account of us the critics. Yes, you performed poorly but yours is not different from the performance of Mangango MP, Godwin Putu debating for the first time in Parliament weeks ago. Every start is difficult BUT what makes it less difficult and less embarrassing, something you obviously forgot to do, is




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