By Banda Sakanya

Copperbelt ~ Kalulushi


PF leadership says the register be deleted because it still has dead people and people that have relocated.
PF at its recent spontaneous sporadic rallies country wide, has accused UPND of having used dead people to vote in all the past elections. PF leadership says UPND is against deletion of voter register because it was using dead people to vote.

This is one of the most nonsensical excuse the whole bunch of PF leadership can ever come up with and it undermines the intergrity of ECZ.

Law states that there shall be continuous voter registration and deaths deletion which ECZ and PF have overlooked with reasons best known to both entities. And by going against that law, then the current ECZ leadership is incompetent and is not fit to conduct 2021 general elections.
If for real UPND was using dead people to vote as indicated by PF then ECZ commissioner Esau Chulu is the most incompetent and should resign.

BY DEATH~ There is a provision provided for and that is deletion, and I recall before every election, there is always a sensitisation by ECZ to submit names of dead people to be deleted from the register, but why hasn’t this provision been followed?

ECZ updates the register by getting data of deaths from hospitals and councils but why opt for deletion?

RELOCATION~ This exercise is done smoothly all the times there is a general election by allocating people where they have relocated to and there is no challenge whatsoever.

Therefore the reason coined by PF and ECZ of deletion is feeble and only meant to beef PF in its strong holds were it has registered even under age children to vote.

We know that PF has issued NRCs to kids and foreigners in Luapula Muchinga, Northern and Chipata and wants to maximize votes for PF and reduce votes from Southern , western, North Western, Copperbelt, Central, Lusaka where NRC issuance has been disadvantaged.

Esau Chulu should not take advantage of people’s docility.

We are sick and tired of this ECZ manipulator and we want a sane credible Electoral Commission under sane leadership.

ECZ is positioning to rig for PF.

UPND is against voter deletion because it is unconstitutional

ECZ and PF wants to unconstitutionalise the constitutional.

UPND Kalulushi District Vice Chairman Administration



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