HUNDREDS of Zambians from all walks of life gathered this morning at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to greet Republican President Hakainde Hichilema and accord him a heroic welcome for his efforts to have Zambia’s 6.3 billion USD dollar debt restructured.

The airport, which was masked by dance troops representing Ngoni warriors, Bemba dancers, Makishi, Soli, and so on and so forth, drove a frenzy of gratitude to President Hichilema as he has managed to push Zambia forward into the ‘League of Nations.’

Upon his arrival, his cabinet applauded him and issued a single message: ‘Doubting Thomas’ have been put to shame.’

Meanwhile, addressing the crowds after what he termed as a difficult mission, President Hichilema compared the debt in which his administration had found the country to be a python that was squeezing the life out of Zambia.

President Hichilema stated that while not being the ones who coordinated the reckless borrowing that lead Zambia into a massive debt, his administration did not turn a blind eye and promptly sought a solution.

“We knew that the change we were voted on included restructuring the economy, reforms and something was standing in our way. Something that was behaving like a python conscripting us in the neck, conscripting us in the ribs and tying our legs together and we could not move as we wanted, that was the debt mountain. We promised that we will work very quickly to restructure the debt and today we return home, two days ago that was done in Paris and we had to be present to make sure that is done and done properly,” President Hichilema said.

“This was not easy, debt restructuring of a mountain proportion, humongous debt. The debt was borrowed recklessly, a liability was acquired, there was no asset to the other side, the economy went down, and we all know what happened to that money. But we did not say we know nothing about it, we had to do something about it. Although it was orchestrated by others who I am told went on social media a day ago to demean what was achieved,” he said.

The Head of State admitted that obtaining the 6.3 billion dollar debt restructure was no small feat, nor was it simple.

“It was not easy, it was difficult I must confess. Many of you did not understand this fellow for a very long time and I saw it from the names I was called, the things that were said about us and I said ‘wow one day they will know us and they will know us properly.’ Our actions are intentional they are not by chance. They are intentional to resolve things that stand in our way so that we can run the economy and better the lives of those students,” he said.

President Hichilema questioned the boldness of Patriotic Front supporters and bloggers to disparage the debt restructuring, stressing that they lacked the capacity to do what his administration had.

“Now why didn’t they do it themselves? First why did they take us into debt? And when they realized they had taken us in the wrong direction why didn’t they change direction? Why didn’t they clean the mess? The truth is that they had no capacity, that’s the truth. Anyway I want to be polite it’s a happy day today, let me remain polite,” he said.

He reminded the crowd that he would continue to walk the talk.

“When we were still in opposition we made commitments to the people of Zambia, we offered to the people of Zambia our vision and what we intended to do for this country. We explained over and over, our competitors said ‘uyu HH alitemwa ifya ku landa landa, ifyo alelanda bufi teti akwanishe’ (HH likes talking, what he speaks are lies and he cannot manage),” President Hichilema boasted.

“We said we would offer free education and we have done it. Someone took away meal allowances and we said we will restore meal allowances. How can our children be in class attentively if they are hungry? We said it, so we delivered. Walking the talk! We said people die before they receive their benefits… and we said partial withdraw, ‘ka NAPSA kanangena!’ Against all odds in a very difficult financial environment.”

Zambia’s 6.3 billion USD dollar debt to China and other Western nations has been restructured by the UPND government. Zambia’s debt restructuring feat has earned widespread praise, including an ovation from International Monetary Fund Chief Kristalina Georgieva.

“Today we will talk about Zambia, which I think is a great case of celebration….” Georgieva said at a roundtable discussion.



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