DEC arrests KBF for money laundering


Zambia Must Prosper President KELVIN BWALYA FUBE popularly known as KBF has arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission -DEC- for failure to report a suspicious transaction.

DEC Spokesperson MATHIAS KAMANGA says failure to report a suspicious transaction is contrary to the Financial Intelligence Centre and Money Laundering Acts.

Mr. KAMANGA says KBF has been arrested together with Lusaka Businessman and Music Promoter BWALYA KALANDANYA, BEAUTY CHAMA, IBRAHIM MITHA and HASSAN HANIF MITHA for being in possession of goods reasonably believed to be proceeds of crime and money laundering.

He says Mr. KALANDANYA had changed title of his seven fully furnished apartments in Lusaka’s affluent Jesmondine area worth K6.1M to BEAUTY CHAMA without her knowledge.

Mr. KAMANGA adds that KBF then sold the flats to IBRAHIM MITHA and HASSAN HANIF MITHA on behalf of BEAUTY CHAMA without her ever knowing that she owned them.

He says the buyers claim they bought the flats through KBF.
Mr. KAMANGA says all suspects have since been released on police bond and will appear in court soon.
This is contained in a statement availed to ZNBC News in Lusaka today.


  1. I just wonder how many others in the UPND alliance are dirty.

    Is this a warning to other alliance members?

    If KBF had stayed in the alliance, would DEC have arrested him? How many others is Hakainde protecting?

    If you leave the alliance, and have a dirty past, you are in trouble. I expect no other defections from the alliance. In fact, I expect the dirty politicians to join this alliance in way or the other coz they know they will be protected by Hakainde.

    No single UPND or alliance member has been arrested for corruption or theft. Interesting.

    • If you have evidence of people in the alliance that have corruption cases why not rat on them with that evidence to relevant authorities? We are complaining at the slow pace those who seemingly acted contrary to the law to gain wealth, is running. Meanwhile those of you who claim to know are armchair critics, not brave enough to come forward with evidence. Be brave like the girl who jumped the fence to get help for her fellow abductees or like the Youngman Robby who responded swiftly mobilising a few friends armed with only an axe.
      We need people brave enough to stand up and crack these cases.

    • The president has been very clear in the fight against corruption, no sacred cows and whoever will be caught wanting will not be spared regardless of their status in the party or alliance. Obviously you do not expect the president or ACC and DEC to know everything at once, it is a process. In the case of KBF it was just a matter of time before such things came out, his hands were dirty except nobody knew just how dirty.

      • It is sad how some idiots expect the president to be omnipotent and act simultaneously on issues that are being followed up by competent investigative wings who do not want to rush to appease such idiots and lose cases in court.

        Ba DEC, ACC and Police many of us may be disappointed at your slow pace, but we urge to do your job thoroughly and present water tight cases before courts, so that come next year, we will not rub shoulders with criminals in the streets, but will see all of them in their rightful place. The prisons.

  2. Indigo you’re so unbelievably dull. Cornelius Mweetwa already stated that KBF’s attempt to destroy evidence involving Kalandanya was why President HH never appointed him to any position.
    It was KBF who sought to hide in the UPND alliance but was found out and ostracized pending this arrest.
    The alliance only welcomes those with clean hands and good moral standing.
    KBF’s achilles heel is his insatiable appetite to get rich through any means. Now we shall see who’ll be fixed.

    • Bosses I might be dull yes.

      But are you telling me that KBF was the only dirty person in the whole alliance including UPND?

      This alliance is full of questionable characters being protected by the boss.

      Mark my words, no one else will leave the alliance because they know what will come next.

      • I understand you shared you opinion which is your right and freedom of expression. Though I don’t share your line of thought because each case must be dealt with in it own merit. Though the timing is thought provoking yet intriguing.

        I am however, most impressed on your composer in taking a personal attack and still managing to have a civil discussion. That is having very calm nerves and very encouraging.

  3. Mr/Ms IndigoTyrol, with due respect, I want to remind you that it is very important to understand the issues thoroughly before you rash to comment, then it is also important to be objective so that people can appreciate and benefit from your comments. Shapiro said you are dull because you don’t seem to have understood the matter, honestly speaking, the arrest of KBF has nothing whatsoever to do with; (1). his being a former Alliance member (2). how many other people are dirty in the Alliance or UPND. (3). the President protecting Alliance and UPND members. This is a straight forward case where Mr. KALANDANYA had changed title of his seven fully furnished apartments in Lusaka’s affluent Jesmondine area worth K6.1M to BEAUTY CHAMA without her knowledge. I believe despite the title showing Beauty Chama as the owner of the flats, they were sold to KBF who also later sold the questionable flats to IBRAHIM MITHA and HASSAN HANIF MITHA on behalf of BEAUTY CHAMA without her ever knowing that she owned them. So it is common sense to see that DEC has not arrested KBF just because he left the alliance, no, he has been arrested because he is the one who sold the flats in question. Had they found that the flats were sold by Hon. Nkombo, I am sure they could have gone for him or if they had found that the flats were sold by you, they could have come to you and not to KBF. So when you talk about the President protecting some dirty people in the Alliance and the Party, you are just accusing the innocent person. If you know some people in the Alliance and UPND who are dirty as you have put it, simply report them to the relevant authorities and the long arm of the law will catch them. KBF left the Alliance recently, even him, if he knows some corrupt people and he has evidence, let him report them. He is one of the few people even under PF who was not given any high ranked position, why did you want HH to rash in appointing him?

  4. This one who came to fix the fixer messed up big time. And we heard he was also using the name of the president to do some cheeky stuff. Bally had all the reasons not to give him any appointment. Then kbf went so quiet watching from afar but then miscalculated his move thinking nothing will be done over his actions. Now he has taken himself to the lions den. Let’s see who will be fixed otherwise kbf will finish like polymer note.

  5. As a lawyer KBF only facilitated the sale. It’s not his money and the flats don’t belong to him. I see an acquittal coming here or even a nolle.


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