DEC Entered And Searched Hon Musukwa’s Property Without A Search Warrant- Witness Tells Court



…… state behaviour disappoints the court.

Lusaka, Wednesday, 28 February 2024 (Smart Eagles)

Officers from the Drug Enforcement Commission who searched and seized Hon Richard Musukwa’s assets in Chililabombwe on May 16, 2023 entered the premises without a Search warrant, a Witness has told the Court.

Ricky Kamboyi 37 years Business man who was present on that material day said the officers signed the warrant after entering the premises as they allegedly confirmed.

In this matter, Hon Musukwa and six others are seeking a declaration that the search and seizure of their properties by DEC officers was illegal.

Hon Musukwa and others are aggrieved because according to the law, Search warrant can only be issued by the court.

Among the petitioners is Jacqueline Musukwa a Natural Science teacher aged 43 who claimed ownership of plot no. 3174 and 3170 located in Kamenza East Chililabombwe on the Copperbelt.

She is also claiming ownership of a seized motor vehicle registration no. ALJ 1139 known as Mercedes Benz.

When asked whether she has been arrested and charged for any offense, the petitioner replied ‘No’.

The other petitioners are Jenala Lungu, Kumapili Hotel Limited, Mwanangwa Resources Limited, Tachizya Company Limited and Twenty-four seven stand by security limited.

The matter is before the judges Vincent Siloka, Pixie Yangailo and Ann Malata-Ononuju under the Economic and Financial Crimes Court, High Court Division.

Yesterday, the matter could not take place as the state was not ready to proceed because the counsel with conduct had left the Chambers and moved to RTSA.

And Court said that the excuse given by the State that the witness had gone for other official duties is a lame one and unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

The matter has since been adjourned to 11th March, 2024.


  1. This is what happens when you want to fight corruption using inherited corrupt teams that used to Aid and abett corruption!
    It’s inconceivable how the New Dawn hopes to win the corruption fight with this approach!
    Many people told you to come up with your own new brooms but you wouldn’t listen!
    Now the corrupt people in the system have grown horns and are spoiling the cases!
    A Professional DEC officer cannot conduct a search without obtaining a search warrant!
    That is carelessness and potential sabotage! Such officers should be dismissed and prosecuted for criminal trespass!
    Muli masonela maningi muma institutions ya Boma it appears!
    Boma iyanganepo!


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