DEC seizes cannabis and Benylin concealed in desktop computer

Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC)

DRUG Enforcement Commission (DEC) has seized 59.9 Kilograms (Kgs) of cannabis and 96 bottles of Benylin from Chirundu Border which were concealed in desktop computers.

In connection with the offence the commission has apprehended seven Tanzanians and charged them with trafficking and importation of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

DEC Public Relations Officer Mwenge Mulenga said the high grade cannabis and bottles of Benylin were discovered in a luxury coach services bus which has also been seized.

Mr Mulenga said on January 13 an operation was conducted on transiting vehicles at the border and a bus en route to Tanzania from Zimbabwe was found with the consignment concealed in various packages.

“The Anti-Drugs Operation Division of the DEC has recorded a significant seizure at the Chirundu border post, including 59.19 Kgs of high-grade cannabis, 96 bottles of Benylin with codeine, and a luxury coach services bus that was used in committing the offence. Consequently, five bus crew members, along with one passenger, all of Tanzanian nationality, were detained,” he said in a statement.

He said those arrested are Shelimo Haji Nassoro 33, a bus conductor, Mushi Shabani Abdillahi 39, the bus host, Ramadhani Fatma Rashid 41, a business lady and passenger.

Others are Kibanga Issa Hokelai Raphael 46, the bus driver, Kubo Salim Ally 33, another bus driver and Shemahonge Gerald Isaack 26, a mechanic.

In another development a 44 year old Zambian businesswoman Cleopatra Muyambango was arrested for trafficking 19.2 grams of Benylin with codeine.

He said Ms Muyambango was later sentenced to 12 months simple imprisonment after she pleaded guilty.



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