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All peoples Congress (APC) President Nason Msoni on the statement issued by the Minister of defence Mr Davis Chama:

Mr Davis Chama’s political statement suggesting and proposing violence and murder is clearly noted. And in the circumstances must roundly be condemned in the strongest term.

As Minister of defence and the custodian of the country’s legitimate instruments of state violence , he should be the last person to make such a reckless veiled threat to Zambians wishing to defend and protect the sanctity of the Zambian constitution from those who seek to circumvent it.

“You cannot propose or threaten to unleash violence on defenceless citizens for wishing to challenge the eligibility of president Edgar Lungu upon filing his nomination papers for the 2021 elections.It is within their constitutional right to do so.”

Truth be told, you cannot shot your way to eligibility for your preferred candidate as defence Minister.

Threatening the courts of law with violence is tantamount to the overthrow of constitutional rule.

In totality the statement attributed to Mr Chama is highly treasonous undoubtedly.

In view of the seriousness of the threats coming from a man holding a senior defence portfolio in the Zambian government we take it that the Republican President has sanctioned and supported this position taken by his Minister of defence to unleash anarchy in the republic in order for Mr Lungu to be on the ballot illegally through coercion or unleashing violence.

In view of the seriousness of this statement issued by the Zambian government, We will formally be alerting the international community on the impeding danger that citizens are potentially expected to be subjected to, should they decide to challenge the eligibility of President Edgar Lungu who is clearly debarred by the constitution to seek any further term of office having twice already held office of President.

We have duly noted the content of the statement as issued by the defence Minister and in the circumstances should any suspicious killings or any form of harm happen to any Zambian citizens, We will certainly know who exactly should be held accountable.

Needless for me to remaind him that such overly reckless alarming political statements have the potential of having him and all the other rogue elements of the regime indicated to the international criminal court-ICC
Nason Msoni
All peoples Congress APC


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