Delhi temperature: North India gripped by an extremely cold wave


A very cold weather has hit some parts of northern India, with temperatures dropping below -5C (23F) in Indian-administered Kashmir. Many areas, including the capital of India, Delhi, get covered in heavy fog in the early morning and at night. Bad visibility has made it hard for people to travel and has resulted in problems with flights and trains. India’s weather experts say that the cold weather will continue for the next few days.

The famous Dal Lake and other lakes in Kashmir have partly frozen, making it difficult for boatmen to transport passengers and tourists. The cold weather has frozen water pipes and made it hard for people to get around. This has made it tough for them to get what they need every day.

The cold weather and thick fog have also caused train delays in many parts of northern India. The Indian Railways carries about 23 million people every day and is very important for the country’s transportation. A lot of trains have been very late, making it hard for people to travel as planned.

Delhi is very cold right now. In some places, the temperature has dropped to 7 degrees Celsius. The recent cold weather has been very difficult for homeless people in Delhi who usually sleep on the streets.

The cold weather is making people sick, especially in Delhi where the pollution is really bad in the winter.

Because of fog, the weather department in India wants people to be careful when driving. They are telling people to use fog lights to see better on the roads. It has also told people to stay inside unless there is an emergency and to wear a face covering when outside.



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