Democracy is not about what the President and UPND want but it’s about the law- Jackson Silavwe


Democracy is not about what the President and UPND want but it’s about the law

20th November 2023

THE OPPOSTON Golden party of Zambia (GPZ) says there is blatant abuse of state institutions by the UPND new dawn administration.

Golden Party of Zambia (GPZ) president Jackson Silavwe says his party and other oppositions political parties are concerned by the grave assault on Democracy by the ruling party.

He says Zambians must be aware that the current Government will say something in the public and do the very opposite behind closed doors.

The (GPZ) leader who claims that the (UPND) is deliberately maltreating state organs by taking sides and provide resources to the sides they are supporting, says there is no way the state police will take action without the authority of the commander in chief.

He says that the speaker of the national Assembly Nelly Mutti in the PF issues should have recused herself from determining the PF matter in parliament until the final judgment is passed by the court especially that she was in receipt of the two letter from both Mr. Nakachinda and Mr. Ngona.

The concerned (GPZ) leader who charged that failure by the speaker to recuse herself in the Patriotic front (PF) matter she exhibited extreme biasness and an affront on democracy.

SILAVWE who further stated that the chief registrar of societies was recalled because she did not do what the UPND wanted in the PF issues, says Democracy is not about the UPND but it’s about the constitution calling of the Government to order saying that sooner than later people will start disappearing in Zambia.


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