UPND hell bent on killing democracy

Lusaka, Friday, November 3, 2023 (Smart Eagles)

Kalulushi member of parliament Kampamba Mulenga has warned that Zambian is in trouble under the leadership of the UPND regime.

Speaker when she and other Parliamentarians from the mighty Patriotic Front (PF) addressed the media yesterday, Hon Kampamba stressed the need for people to stick together.

She noted that UPND government is using every tactic to ensure that democracy dies.

The lawmaker also warned that the repercussions of what UPND is doing are killing what every forefather believed in and fought for.

She lamented that UPND is not only killing PF but the entire nation.

“They are crashing our families, they are crashing the principles of our democracy…they talk about all the time, we have free education. May I remind this country that even from MMD government we had free education,” she said.

She scorned UPND over its “failed” free education as she said the teacher pupil ratio is unbelievable.

The lawmaker also castigated government over the cost of living that has escalated like never before.

Hon Kampamba also bemoaned the state of medical facilities.

“There is no proper health system anymore. There are no medicines,” she said.

The MP said instead of concentrating on issues affecting citizens, UPND is busy with PF issues.

“PF was accused of a lot of things. These are thieves, they are common criminals, they have stolen the money, what money did we steal? Now that they are in government they know why it is so difficult. Government has systems, it is so difficult to steal money,” she said.

She reminded the ruling party of the dirty things they said about PF prior to 2021 elections.

Regarding the recent happenings in PF, the lawmaker cried that “we are treated like children in that house.”

On the change of the leader of opposition in Parliament, she said “I should be given for an opportunity to vote for my leaders.”

She said democracy is being killed by the very people who used allege that democracy was being suffocated under the PF.


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