Denmark thwarts alleged terror plot with four arrests

Danish police gave few details about the alleged plot during a press conference on Thursday

The Danish police have stopped a big planned attack. Police said they arrested three people in Denmark and one in the Netherlands early on Thursday morning.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said the danger was very serious.

Officials did not give many details about the plot they stopped because they are still investigating.

Three people in Denmark were arrested for terrorism and will be charged, said Ch Insp Flemming Drejer during a press conference.

He said that an investigation found a group of people from different countries getting ready to carry out an attack, and they are connected to criminal groups.

More police will watch over Jewish places and patrol more often in Copenhagen for safety.

Ex-Copenhagen Police Deputy Inspector Jens Moller said on TV2 that Thursday morning’s raids would have been well-planned and timed to the exact minute.

“He said they have to happen at the same time, within a minute of each other, and it would be best if they were only 10-15 seconds apart. ”

The head of Danish intelligence, Anja Dalgaard-Nielsen, said that the threat of terrorism is connected to the Israel-Gaza war and the burning of the Quran in Denmark and neighboring Sweden.

Earlier this month, Ylva Johansson, who is in charge of keeping Europe safe, said there is a big chance that there could be terrorist attacks during Christmas.

In 2015, two people died in an attack on a cultural center and a synagogue in Copenhagen.

In Denmark, the terror threat is currently at level four out of five, which is the second-highest level.


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