Deputy Mayor Disapproves Mayor’s Consent For PF Members To Clean The City, As She Maintains The Acting Town Clerk’s Decision



We are writing to express our disapproval of the letter dated January 9, 2024, in which Her Worship the Mayor of Lusaka, Ms. Chilando Chitangala, authorised the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership to clean the Lusaka Central Business District (CBD) without the full council’s consent. The letter was addressed to Mr. Raphael Nakachinda, who is a PF member.

The office of the Town Clerk, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the council, rejected the offer from the PF to clean the city, citing the current change of leadership. We challenge the authority of the Mayor to consent to the cleaning of the city without consulting the full council.

“The Mayor cannot make decisions on her own without the full consent of the full council.”

We appreciate the PF’s intention to clean the city and help curb cholera, but the right procedure has not been followed. The Mayor should not respond to people who are not the legitimate office bearers of the PF.

There are legal implications in this whole issue, as we all know the new office bearers registered at the registrar of societies.

” Should they assemble and proceed with the cleaning, it will be an unlawful assembly. “

We urge the Mayor to reverse her consent and follow the proper channels of communication and decision-making. We also call on the PF to respect the rule of law and the democratic process.

We advise Her to call for a special meeting of the council where she can represent this matter that has arisen and will need a council decision.

Issued by:
Her Honour the Deputy Mayor of Lusaka
Ms. Ketty Nanyangwe


  1. Dont politicize in hard times like this.Calamity knows no party membership.We are all Zambians,our common umbrella.From Berlin

  2. The truth is that PF have experience of dealing with Cholera very successfully. We did not have an outbreak in Zambia for 4 years, until Hakainde took over. So let PF help the country. It would be good for national unity, and a good gesture by Hakainde. Otherwise things will get a lot worse and lives will be lost. This is an opportunity for Hakainde to embrace his enemies and work together towards a common goal.

    By the way I do not mean Miles Sampa PF faction.

    • Indigo Tyrol sorry the old PF is no long going to woodwink us again. They stole from us, harassed us, insulted us, cheated us and borrowed without any companction whatsoever.
      Sampa is doing a good job of rebranding. Nakachinda and team will not achieve any sympathy from us. We won’t be beaten twice…sorry.

      • Wapya, I suffered under PF as well. But if they have the formula to controlling Cholera, let them help. They have done it before. Let us not cut our nose to spite our faces. Remember this is the fourth Cholera outbreak under Hakainde. This was after 4 straight years of no Cholera.

        Miles Sampa is an idiot, a stooge, and most certainly not a patriot. Hakainde on the other hand, is very clever but too stubborn that he would rather people die than see PF save them.

        You will change your tune when your own family gets Cholera.

  3. Even in Germany they cannot allow illegality my friend. I am neither PF nor UPND but the local authority will use legal means to handle the Cholera pandemic without OF buffoonery taking centre stage. Nakachinda and team are not legal PF office bearers to represent the party …period!!!

  4. Levy Mwanawasa embraced Sata and they worked together very well. Upto now, these were the most successful years for Zambia. Hakainde needs to follow Levy’s footsteps. But he seems to be following ECL. I can not distinguish between them in behaviour.

    Cholera does not ask if one is PF or UPND or Tonga or Bemba. So this is a fight every citizen should contribute towards.

  5. The LCC leadership is in crisis!
    These people are not talking to each other because they belong to different religions called political parties!
    This is the folly of having different political parties in council positions.
    It is wrong for the Mayor to override the Town Clerk’s office without full council meeting backing.
    There must be consequences to this indiscipline from the Mayor!
    The Town Clerk and the Deputy Mayor make sense because they are following laid down procedure! The Mayor on the other hand is using Lawlessness, typical of the party she comes from.
    Let the party president Miles Sampa do something about this.

  6. So the fake PeeEfu were waiting for a crisis such as this to do a high visibility stunt? These witches and wizards thrive on other people’s misfortune, suffering and death.

    Why didn’t they sort out cholera when they were in power? Because they were selfish and had zero regard for the people.

    This desperation to appear relevant is going nowhere.


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