Deregister PF within the next 48 hours or else…, Lawyer Lewis Mosho tells asks government

Post Newspapers Limited liquidator Lewis Mosho!
Post Newspapers Limited liquidator Lewis Mosho!

Deregister PF within the next 48 hours or else…, Mosho tells asks government

AFTER failing to host general conference on account of empty coffers mid this year, Patriotic Front faces deregistration after an angry lawyer the party owes a staggering K4 million asked the government to deregister the party.

In contrast to their time in power when their members took selfies and filmed themselves with bricks of crispy Kwacha notes the party is broke and their brokeness has been laid bare by shrewd Lusaka-based lawyer, Mosho who is also behind the infamous liquidation of the Post Newspaper.

In his application letter to the the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mosho explained that the PF hired the services of his law firm q Lewis Nathan Advocates firm to defend eight members of parliaments who were being petitioned on winning their seats following the August 12, 2022 general elections.

He said firm further worked on two appeals.

However, the mighty ‘Green’ party who’s members were seen making money rain during their campaign times, did not fulfill a client’s duty of paying for services rendered which led the accruing debt.

Lewis Nathan Advocates further disclosed in the letter that they tried all they could to follow up on the payment but it was the same as using a pen to write on water as it didn’t come fruition.

The firm said it has been over a year since the money was due for payment but the party has now put the plea on snooze and put the volume of the case on low.

“PF has chosen to ignore and has neglected to our concerns or that of its creditors,” the statement read.

“We are further concerned that PF has not adhered to national principles and values outlined in articles 8 and 60 of constitution amendment act no. 2 of 2016 as read of section 13 and 23 of the societies act which requires for a political party to be founded on morality, good governance and integrity.”

Lewis and Nelson Advocates further cautioned the Ministry of Home Affairs stating if they don’t perform their statutory duty on the matter within 48 hours they will take the Attorney General to court for failure to perform their work.

By Moses Makwaya



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