Dickson Jere Counsels those at State House and Government to be Answering and returning phone calls



Write up by AMB Mwamba

Dickson Jere, who served as Special Assistant to the President, for Press and Pubic Relations to the Rupiah Banda Presidency, has spoken well about Lessons he learnt from President Rupiah Banda.

He has used the 1st Memorial of RB to share them with the nation.

I guess these are lessons to all of us including the team at State House
He summarized the virtues as;
Humility, humbleness, forgiveness, unity and, love and promote sports…

● leaders and officials must answer phones-“Cisilu Cinaona Nkondo”.

● Pay the contractors even if they are perceived to come from the Opposition.

● Forgive, even those that hurt you.

● Meet all people from all races and tribes..stop tribalism..let’s us be identified as Zambians first.

● RB was a President for all Zambians.

Well spoken DJ.


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