Emeritus Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has told United States of America Ambassador to Zambia Michael Gonzales that dictatorship under President Hakainde Hichilema’s UPND administration has worsened.

Well-placed sources told Daily Revelation that Bishop Mpundu had an engagement with Amb Gonzales where he registered several pertinent matters that were not going well in the country. “It’s like… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/dictatorship-has-worsened-mpundu-tells-us-envoy/


  1. How can a duly elected person be a dictator? HH was elected fair and square, he didn’t impose himself on the people. This man is a fool and is only exhibiting his hatred for HH.

    This chap has nothing positive to contribute except hatred. If he is missing free money from ECL, let him go and get it from ECL.

  2. How come only the Archbishop is experiencing dictatorship?
    Is there something we are missing outside the Rule of Law?
    The only thing we see is people abusing their freedoms and expecting to get away with murder.
    Freedom comes with responsibility and must be exercised within the framework of the Rule of Law, chapwa!
    What we see are Law breakers refusing to face the consequences of their careless loud mouths!

  3. Bishop mpundu is bitter because he was not given a job, did he read the recent report that Zambia has been ranked three in the world beating countries Brazil. The Bishop is bitter and bitter every day.He is not the mouth piece of Zambians and he doesn’t posses the wisdom for every citizens.

  4. Ba Bishops take it easy don’t bark like a mad dog. You may be suffering from hallucinations and that you are thinking of dictators like Idi Amin. Mundala here in Zambia we don’t have such leaders. My advice is sit down and plan your life now that you’re retired and stop fighting ghosts.

  5. Instead of the Bishop concentrating on blessing same sex marriage, he is busy being irrelevant at the expense of becoming a politician,Mr Bishop sir maybe you don’t know Zambia has improved to position 3 the whole world in terms of democratic space, maybe you don’t live in Zambia here is just a tip ,freedom of speech has improved in our country this time you can insult the president but as long as you don’t go beyond no one will arrest, its different from what used to happen in pf where you were quiet even when things were almost going to autocratic way of governance, I wish you were there sir when other tribes were almost becoming refugees in their own country, if you had known I think you could have just waited for your grave patiently than inviting it at a wrong time

  6. The Archbishop is not being truthful.

    Does he seriously think the level of democracy now is much worse than it was under PF?

    Perhaps it is time for him to give us a balanced comparison based only on facts.

  7. The Archbishop wants the country to be run exactly the way he wants. As long as him alone is not satisfied, then things are bad. But everybody now knows that he supports opposition. When he was being interviewed by Emm Mwamba, he openly said that HH should never be allowed to go for the second term. Through OCiDA, he welcomed the formation of UKA. He didn’t say anything on the recent inciting statements from ECL, the man just hates HH, even when things are improving, he can’t see anything, the hatred has blinded him.


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