Aaron Milner
Aaron Milner


DID you know that veteran politician Aaron Milner saved Dr Kenneth Kaunda from being assassinated by the colonial masters in 1960?

For details, follow the excerpt below from:

(Conversations with Memorable Personalities)

Aaron Milner:

… I came back to Chingola and took up my position as deputy secretary general of UNIP. I played a pivotal role in its organisation. But one thing which drew me into UNIP was that Kaunda used to spend a lot of time in our humble home in Chingola before independence.

One night in 1960, Kenneth had gone to North-Western Province on a tour. And a police commander from Chingola police station came to my house looking for Kaunda. I said ‘he is not here’, because they knew that he was staying with me. I said ‘maybe he was in Kasempa, Kabompo or Mwinilunga’.

He said ‘young man, jump in your car and rush – they [The Ian Smith system] are going to assassinate Kaunda. Go and get him and hide him’. I drove all the way and found Kaunda in Mwinilunga. He was surprised to see me. I said ‘ba president natuleya, that’s what I have been told. (Mr. President, let’s go. That’s what I have been advised). That’s how we came and I hid him at my house. He later on left for Lusaka in various cars.

He was driven through Ndola by Tom Mtine. These are people who should not be forgotten. Tom Mtine was not just a Football Association of Zambia chairman. He did much more than that. …

An excerpt from:

(Conversations with Memorable Personalities)


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