Diddy Reportedly Owes Nearly $100 Million To The Bank


The news relating to Diddy recently has turned into a full on avalanche as one thing after another manages to go wrong. It first began last year when Cassie filed the first of a barrage of lawsuits against the rap mogul. Those allegations piled up one after another but the level of potential threat was raised significantly earlier this week. That came when police raided two of Diddy’s properties in Los Angeles and Miami.

While he wasn’t present himself for the raids they’ve been the biggest story in hip hop this week. The actual houses themselves are the subject of a newly emerging story. Diddy reportedly owes the banks over $100 million spawning from eight different mortgages taken out on his three houses. The total value of what he borrowed is reported to be more than $140 million. Reportedly the first loan that needs to be settled is one for $23 million that’s due in 2029. Check out the full report below.

Overnight Diddy didn’t seem overly worried by the ongoing circumstances. Despite everything he’s dealt with this week he still got out to relax, hitting up Top Golf with his twin daughters. He flashed up a pretty nonchalant peace sign to cameras when they caught up with him outside. The rap mogul himself has been pretty quiet even as seemingly everyone in entertainment fights to get their thoughts out on the proceedings online.

The situation has also forced Yung Miami to play defense for herself. First she had to deny any involvement in the raids themselves when fans on Twitter called her an informant. Then her legal team had to pull up some receipts after she was added to and amendment to producer Lil Rod’s lawsuit against Diddy. What do you think about Diddy potentially owing more than $100 million to banks from mortgages taken out on his houses? Do you think he’s actually in possession of the fortune he claims to have? Let us know in the comment section below.


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