Diffikoti threatens to manhandle gay people in the country


Diffikoti threatens to manhandle gay people in the country!

In addition to Dr Brian Sampa’s campaign against same sex practices, former Munali constituency aspiring Member of Parliament Thomas Sipalo aka Diffikoti has now threatened to manhandle gay people.

The activist and politician has vowed to surrender people he suspects to be engaging in same sex to the hospital for examination and hand them over to law enforcers once it is ascertained that they engaged in the act.
He wrote;
Apa manje as a good citizen to help the police maintaining law and order in line with governments position against ndevu ndevu,

Then moment I suspect you’re a he she, I will manhandle you call you , call the doctor to examine your exhaust if its showing that the mafra was tempered with…

If we find Lateral Undulations aka snake footprints on the exit showing entry direction,we hand you over to the police for prosecution kaili proof of entry ilipo…

We are cleaning the city…


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