Disabled man inserts his walking sticks into wife’s genitals


Disabled man inserts his walking sticks into wife’s genitals

A WOMAN of Chibolya Township in Lusaka is nursing serious wounds at the University Teaching Hospitals (UTH) after her husband tortured her by inserting one of his crutches into her private parts.

The victim has had her flesh from her private part exposed and can not control her urine due to the injuries she sustained during the torture.

The victim is also nursing general body pains and a swollen face after husband identified as Warren Mizinga hit her all over her body with his crutch before he inserted it in her private part.

The torture which happened on February 24, 2023 is the second that the victim has allegedly suffered in the hands of Mizinga.

Zambia Police Deputy Public Relations officer Danny Mwale confirmed the incident saying Mizinga was in police custody and is charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Mwale said Mizinga 35 is a second-time offender who was arrested and charged for a similar offense last year.

He said Annie Mukuka 27, of Chibolya escorted the victim to Chibolya Police station where she lodged a complaint that her husband assaulted her.

“The victim sustained deep cut on the scalp , swollen face, and injuries on the private parts. Fists and a walking stick were used to insert in her private parts.

“The suspect was last year arrested for the similar offense and was convicted 6 months suspended sentence. Barely six months after this, the accused reconciled with the victim when he knew he had hidden intentions. The woman was last year injured in the same manner when he inserted a walking stick in her private parts and hit her in the similar style of inflicting injuries on the victim” Mwale said.

A visit to UTH found a nurse attending to the victim who was visibly in pain and had a swollen face, legs and complained of general body pains.

Mwenda was admitted to the hospital on February 23, 2023.

“I truly love my husband, but look at me now, this Is the second time am being admitted because of him inserting his walking stick into my private part. I cant even control my urine as you can see. My body has bruises and is disfigured. But this time around, I pray he does not get released from jail. I want him to pay because he only wants to kill me” she said.

While the victim struggled to speak, her sister Annie Mukuka who was found at her bedside chipped in and narrated how the whole incident happened.

Mukuka said her sister has three children with her husband and that he (husband) is a very insecure man because of his condition.

She said that on the material day, the victim phoned her and told her that she was dying and needed to be rushed to the hospital.

“I went to her house, she was bleeding from her private part and her body was swollen. I knew it was her husband who did this because he was fond of beating her.” She said.

She said that her sister informed her that she went to the market when her husband started accusing her of sleeping with other men.

Mukuka said her sister informed her that her husband then started hitting her with his crutches until she became weak and he inserted the base of his crutch into her private part until she started bleeding heavily.

Mukuka said although the victim was providing for the suspect and some of her family members, she had on many occasions being withdrawn from her marriage but the two always reconciled.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail.


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