Disclosure Of Your Private Businesses Can Be Helpful



Authored By Mupishi Jones

Both Cabinet Ministers and other Top Government officials should learn to share unclassified information about their private business transactions if the public is to defend them.Lack of information creates conducive environment for speculation, misinformation and propaganda.

The public forms public opinion and influences public perception which can either put a dent on your reputation or build it up.This is true whether the ACC,DEC or the courts find you guilty or innocent, the public will still form it’s position.

What I see in the UPND is a tendency of keeping information about their transactions privately.There’s a misconception that because it’s a private business,it must be kept away from the public including it’s own political inner circle.They easily forget that there’s a very thin line when defining corruption between a private business transaction when it comes to a Cabinet Minister,Top Government official including diplomats.

Let your work, including your private business speak for you when an accusing finger is pointing at you.
Look at what is happening within the opposition political party ranks today,they stand today when one is touched.

If a member of the opposition is surmoned to appear either to the ACC,DEC, Police station or at the court of law, almost everyone amongst themselves will rise up in solidarity up to the surmoning office.This is because they were sharing information about their private business transactions, drinking, eating, partying together using proceeds from their private business transactions.They used to empower each other with whatever means they can including proceeds of their private businesses.

Don’t think that those mounting solidarity demos to police stations do it from without, they have the information first.
Dr FTJ once said that “whenever you see a protest somewhere, know that it’s not spontaneous,there’s someone behind ,organizing it”.
However if today a UPND member is surmoned, he’ll probably go there alone maybe with his wife only.

Top Government officials must always remember that there are jackals, hyenas,larking in the dark out their waiting and creating opportunities to pounce and devour them.

Hon Kakubo maybe very innocent in this case, but very few, including his own political party inner circle members from his constituency have any idea about his private business transactions.A few may know that he runs private business but that’s all they know!

Remember also that as long as you are in politics, you’ll need political support even in your private life.In politics always create your own political support base.
I submit

Mupishi Jones


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