Dr. Fred M'membe


There is absolutely no doubt that currently, the country is in a state of despair and anxiety, both politically and socio-economically. Our people are living as if they are on death row. They are taking one day at a time, without knowing what tomorrow may bring. It’s a life of uncertainty, helplessness, and desperation for many people.

We would like to point the current UPND government to the increasing discontent with their intolerance, repression, human rights violations, and insensitivity to the plight of the suffering majority.

Their style of governance in a constitutional democracy, abuse of state institutions, heightened human rights and constitutional violations, harsh economic situation, has left multitudes of citizens frustrated and disgruntled, and compelled them to lose confidence in the country’s processes and systems such as law enforcement, judiciary and legislature, and our democratic trajectory in general. And this is not a good sign of what lies ahead for them.

The UPND government must know that the accelerated assault on political opponents and critical voices has exposed their obsession with power and blatant neglect for the people and their aspirations. For them, governance is all about self-preservation, personal glorification, and wealth accumulation.

Evidently, the UPND administration has no respect for our constitution and democracy. And to prove this, one doesn’t have to go far. Just look at how they have destroyed almost all critical institutions of governance, including the once well-regarded Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ). The ECZ in its current state is not serving tge interests of the people. We have said it before and we are repeating that at the rate things are going, if sanity does not prevail, for the first time in history, we shall fail to organize and hold successful general elections in 2026.

We have seen the abuse of state institutions and systems in by-elections to propel the UPND’s electoral malpractices, violence, and vote-buying, as well as all sorts of criminalities. Cabinet ministers and district commissioners are committing crimes in these by-elections with impunity as the ECZ, police and other stakeholders continue to turn a blind eye.

This is the kind of democracy that the UPND is pretentiously advancing in this country today, and they expect competing political players to keep quiet and watch. But time will tell. Zambians will resist it. Zambians will fight for their liberties and rights. Zambians will not allow the UPND and its leaders to undermine the significance of democracy as a political process intended to guarantee citizen’s rights and freedoms. Zambians will not allow the UPND government to diminish the inclusive reputation of governance in reflecting the shared desires of the masses.

For now, those in power today can comfort each other by believing their own propaganda, but reality will dawn soon.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Mr mmembe, you are just finishing yourself and it is even good for UPND and it’s sympasizers to have a person like you in a political parry because your daily negative talk will definitely make people see who is wise and foolish.

    1. You were a demagogue hero during your days of the post news paper even dictating to presidents what to do as if you were the president yourself especially during the time of our late president MCS MHSRIP.

    2. You hated the ECL group and promoted your friend Kabimba (who even took you to court because of what you did to him, according to him of homosexual ) before and during or when PF founder and its first president MCS died.

    3. You created tension between Kabimba and GBM because of your sacarsitic and arrogance ppf always yauning for at all cost.

    4. You evaded tax as post news-paper and courier owner and director until ECL and his team crushed you. I remember when you were made to sit on the tarmic in the middle of the road when you tried to bring post – news paper in mast with the blue color upfront. You wanted to show as if you were clever but you were taught a leason by ECL and when he terrned you, you were crushed. Nowonder you don’t say anything on ecl, showing the snake in you

    5. You spearheaded and planted the tribal tag on innocent HH and delayed his being the Republican President until now.

    Now hear this. To tell you the truth, the God of HH is still with Him and guiding him and his cabinet and the UPND party in everything. We know what type of a persom fred mmembe is. You will fall and regret.


  2. Fred Membe’s life is of violence! His lamentations will one day choke him to death. Some People, its like they were born out of artificial insemination. This bitterness is not of human but snake

  3. The weakest point for Socialists is their unbelief, they don’t believe in God. God does wonders, he parted the Red Sea and people crossed as if they were walking on dry land. In the wilderness he provided for them daily both food and water. God doesn’t end and he doesn’t change, the way he was that time is exactly the way he is now. So, I always feel disappointed when I read some of M’membe’s articles, he writes as If he doesn’t live in a Christian nation. For example in this article he is saying, our people are living as if they are on death row. They are taking one day at a time, without knowing what tomorrow may bring. It’s a life of uncertainty, helplessness, and desperation for many people. Why should people live a life of uncertainty as if their God is not there? We always face the future with courage and hope because we know that our God who never fails is always there. We always remember that each one of us was a baby and God has seen us through to reach our present day age. Why should we disappoint him with so much worries now? Before we cry unto him, he already has the solution to our challenges. Whether there is drought or not, whether there is food or not, to him it’s the same. This challenge is just a phase that we have to go through and we know that we shall sail through in Jesus’ name. Natural disasters come in many ways, they come as earthquakes, tsunami, drought, floods, hurricanes etc and through God’s grace many people survive and life continues. Even if there is plenty of food following a good season, there is no one who is certain of the future because it’s only God who knows the future, he is the only one who knows the tomorrow. Prayer is what we need now, once we ask from him through prayer, he will hear our prayer and provide for us.

  4. Maybe he is talking of the unhappy minority secessionist advocates in his Barotseland. His dreams are leading him and his utopia party to political oblivion.


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