DJ Akademiks: Nicki Minaj Sends Men on Crash Missions, If They Pass Away She’ll Find New Ones


Vlad and DJ Akademiks discussed Nicki Minaj’s personal life and relationship dynamics in a recent interview. Vlad mentioned his post about an incident involving Minaj and her husband at the VMAs and how the incident led to Minaj’s husband being charged with a threat and placed on house arrest for four months.

According to Vlad, this behavior is indicative of men who are subservient to their successful partners. Akademiks and Vlad also discussed Minaj’s previous relationships and how she often takes a dominant role. DJ Akademiks likened her to an alpha woman who prefers men who are not in the music industry and can be easily controlled.

The conversation began with DJ Vlad discussing Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty. “There are few women who are so alpha, in a sense, in how they’re in a relationship– I mean, she’s regarded as ‘The Queen’ by her fans,” Akademiks said. “You think she wanna hear a guy who’s not in the music industry tell her s–t? You think she wanna go submit to a dude?”

From there, Vlad told a story he heard about Nicki treating her former partner, Safaree Samuels, for speaking up during an interview. “I think that’s her typical relationship,” Akademiks responded. “The same type of leverage most men feel in a relationship when you’re the rapper who gets an Instagram model who don’t got no money, so it’s like ‘your way goes.’ She has a lot of that energy in a lot of her life. She has that almost kind of masculine energy.” Check out Akademiks’ full comments on Minaj’s relationship with Kenneth Petty below.

It’s not the first time Akademiks and Vlad have discussed Minaj. During a previous interview, Akademiks spoke about Minaj’s passionate fanbase. “You know why Nicki’s good? I wanna say great… her audience, and she has the best audience in Hip Hop,” he said back in September. “Them Barbz, they will never believe anything—and Nicki does a good job of not making it apparent. You ‘heard’ it, you didn’t ‘see’ it. So, like, when you say it, her audience is gonna take it as, ‘Oh, you’re just hating on Nicki’. [Minaj’s] fanbase is so solid…if she’s not the victim, no one believes it.”


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