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Movement for Promoting National Values and Principles has noted with awfulness the extent of hypocrisy and double standards being manifested by some leaders of the opposition parties in Zambia!

Among the cardinal attributes expected from the leaders include Consistency, Genuineness, Truthfulness, Sincerity, Honest and Integrity. Leaders must also be principled and must avoid being double tongued. Politicians especially must be weary about their utterances because posterity will judge them harshly.

Our leaders must also avoid dwelling on issues that favors them only. It is also noteworthy realizing that the truth never changes while a lie takes different phases. While in Government, honorable Given Lubinda and His Excellency Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba are on record to have watered down the subject of the Barotseland Agreement.

While featuring on SABC Television in South Africa, Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba in his capacity as Zambian Envoy in South Africa dismissed assertions about Sessession of the Lozi Speaking tribe of Western Province. Similarly honorable Given Lubinda spoke against the BAROTSE AGREEMENT and his Government by then went ahead incriminating anyone who spoke about it.

A few days ago His Excellency the Republican President Dr. Hakainde Hichilema while addressing Senior Government Officials hinted on the Barotseland agreement and reiterated the fact that Zambia is a Unitary State and that we believe in One Zambia One Nation Motto.

The President’s response is in tandem with the Constitution of Zambia which states in it’s preamble that Zambia is a UNITARY STATE. The President swore to defend the Constitution and his reaction to the calls for actualization of the Barotseland Agreement was not only timely but imperative at the same time.

It therefore comes as a surprise the sentiments coming from the opposition urging the Government to consider Barotseland Agreement and endorsing it as though the Agreement is binding and canonical! As an Organization having the mandate of promoting National Unity, Togetherness, Unison and Harmony, we regret stating that the Barotseland Agreement if mishandled is a recipe of anarchy in the Country.

We expect all peace loving citizens to stand behind the Government in consolidating our National Unity. Equally we wish to appeal to Dr. Fred M’membe the leader of the Socialist Party to work hand in hand with the Government of the Republic of Zambia in finding a lasting solution to this salient subject that keep coming to the attention of all the successive Governments. Dr. M’membe carrys with him an oasis of wisdom and posses valuable information on the history of the tribes of Zambia.

Having born as an offspring of both the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) and at the same time hailing from the Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE), Dr. Fred M’membe is in a good position in Abitrating, Amalgamating and Reconciling the involved parties! Besides President M’membe has a heavy Curriculum Vitae (CV) in Governance issues, Legal matters, Social Values, Traditional aspects, Political concepts, Religious fundamentals and Ethnic values.

It is high time we came together in putting to an end this sensitive subject as opposed to refueling it. The Barotseland Agreement has great potential in dividing our Country and it needs concerted efforts in disposing it. The previous Governments including the Movement for Multy Party Democracy (MMD) and the Patriotic Front (PF) handled the Barotseland Agreement with both Fierceness and Naivety!

In the past we had some advocates, instigators and initiators of the Barotseland Agreement arrested and charged with Treason offenses while a few died in cold blood and while in detention. Kudos to the UPND Government for using Discretion, Shrewdness, Prudence, Diligence, Tact and Wisdom in dealing with this sensitive matter.

MPNVP is calling upon various stakeholders among them some Leaders of Political Parties, the Church Mother Bodies, Traditional Leaders, Civil Society leaders and the Executive Arm of Government to confer and find a lasting solution about the Barotseland Agreement.

As peace loving citizens, we need to desist from issuing statements on this critical subject without thorough meditations about the possible repercussions. It is our prayer that the Government would find a lasting solution to the Barotseland Agreement!



  1. HH doesn’t beat about the bush, am comfident that he will dialog with my father’s from the west and put an end to this issue. However, let’s give HH support to address this, not in a rush but amicably. It may take time but HH still has 7years anyway

  2. Jo, you are spot on. This is how it should be. Civalised approach to issues Not the Vuvuzela type of Fuledi, siswaswa andmweembwa.
    These Vuvuzelas are literally showing what kind of material they are, no leadership.
    Super ken maintained some laws in this coubtry for such issues. I don’t agree with HHs approach where the preident and leadership is insulted,morn,lunch and evening.
    Govt must and must revisit these laws.
    We’re witnessing a situation never before in this country.
    HH has been the most disrespected in the history of this country. Any opposition leader will wake up and say anything against him. Very disappointing.
    We need sanity, govt must revisit some laws


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