Doctor Explains What A Sweet Could Have Done To Enock Mwepu



By Dr Francis Mupeta

Before some religious zealots will call one of our players a witch, let’s employ our knowledge and skills.

Some sweets like chocolate sweets, contains high caffeine and theobromine (collectively methylxanthines) When consumed in high amounts, these can cause arrythmias (heart palpitations) in even people with normal hearts. Methylxanthines are arrythromogenic- capable of causing arrythmias (palpitations).

Now, in people who have defects in the electrical conduction system in the heart, such as atrioventricular nodal reentry tracks, or Wolf-Parkingson-White tracks, a simple chocolate sweet can cause major arrythmias like supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) or ventricular tachycardia(VT)! SVT and VT without treatment can be fatal.

The presence of the “defibrillator”, means that someone has a structural heart condition predisposing them to VTs.

It is my professional view, that if the association of ending a career so young, was indeed a sweet, it could have been as a result of the explanation given above or purely coincidental. I doubt its a result of jealous and the friends should not be demonised over the same!

That sweet can actually kill you. We thank God he is privileged to be in proximity to advanced medical care!

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