Dog chews man’s international passport days before his wedding


A Golden Retriever puppy named Chickie, who is one year and a half old has chewed up a man’s passport just days before his wedding in Italy, putting the couple’s wedding in jeopardy.

According to the New York Post, the man from South Boston, USA, Donato Frattaroli, disclosed that just days before their planned wedding on August 31, he and his fiance had visited city hall to fill out their marriage paperwork on Thursday.

They eventually made it back to their house, only to discover that Chickie had destroyed several pages of Frattoroli’s passport.

The groom-to-be said if he can not secure a passport before the flight, he will stay at home while his fiancé and their wedding guests go to Italy without him.

If he still can not get a passport in time for the wedding, he said he will just meet the wedding party when they return to the US. The couple are scheduled to fly out to Italy on Friday, August 25.


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