Donald Trump wins Nevada caucuses with devastating ease


Donald Trump won by a lot in the Nevada Republican caucus.

The only other person on the voting list was Ryan Binkley, who works as a pastor and businessman.

This means that Mr. Trump will get all 26 delegates from Nevada. Delegates are used by political parties to choose their candidate for president.

Media first report showed that the ex-president got 99% of the votes.

Donald Trump said at a party in Las Vegas that if we win this state, we will easily win the election in November.

Donald Trump has won in three states – Nevada, Iowa and New Hampshire. This means he is likely to be the Republican candidate in the November election.

He also won a vote for the Republican party in the US Virgin Islands, a place that is not a fully separate part of the United States.

Donald Trump’s main opponent, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, decided not to participate in the Nevada caucus and instead take part in the state’s primary vote.

There were two different votes in Nevada because the Republican Party and the Democratic-controlled state government couldn’t agree.

Nikki Haley lost in the primary election on Tuesday. Voters chose “none of these candidates” instead.

However, the outcome was meaningful because the Republican party in the state decided that only the caucus results would be used to choose the presidential candidate.

Nikki Haley’s group said they didn’t join the meeting because they believed it was unfair to Trump.

The people in Nevada were confused and frustrated by the situation.

The state’s Republican governor didn’t like it and said all the voters should have only one ballot.

The election in Nevada will be closely fought in November, even though we already know the result of the caucus. The vote will likely be between Donald Trump and Joe Biden again like in 2020.

Mr Trump will go to South Carolina next, where he will compete against Nikki Haley again.

Even though she lost three times, she promised to keep fighting. She believes that Republican supporters want someone else besides Donald Trump to be their candidate. She also thinks that people want a real election, not just someone being chosen without a real contest.


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