Freedom Sikazwe


A Lusaka based Youth Activist Rudolf Mwanza says its very childish and unacceptable for Honorable Freedom Sikazwe to tell the Zambian people
to stop begging, in order for Government officials and Members of Parliament to stop dishing out monies.

“Am very disappointed and heartbroken to hear such kind of statements coming from a Honorable member, worse more a statehouse representative, it is very unfortunate” said Mr Mwanza.

Hon Freedom Sikazwe must be reminded that he is representing State House, therefore, he must think twice before issuing statements as what he does or says has the potential to bring honor or disrepute to state house.

Dishing out money is a sign of vote buying, the Electoral Commission of Zambia must therefore, look into this matter and ensure no candidate dishes out money in public or private.

I wish to call upon the ECZ to explore stiff punishments for all
candidates involved in vote buying so as to restore the confidence in people on its ability to conduct a free, fair and credible election.

Mr Mwanza further said “some Ministers are bringing the name of the Republican President down and has therefore, asked President Lungu to thoroughly scrutinize people before appointing them for senior
positions to avoid denting his image and that of the country.

I further wish to urge government to provide solutions to the problems the youths are facing by empowering them in different sectors and providing them with jobs, as opposed to dishing out handouts.

Lastly I wish to encourage all youths to refuse to be bought by selfish politicians that do not have their interest at heart.

Am not scared of saying the truth, I will continue speaking for the Zambian Youths.” Brags the Youthful Mwanza.


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