Percy Chanda


28 TH MARCH 2022


PF members being arrested for corruption must tone down and stop being too excited. Zambians are not interested in stories of how clean they have become now or issuing threats to the Investigative Agencies. Those stories are for their fellow inmates once they are locked up. The fact that they are accused of being in possession of property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime means that the burden of proof of their innocence rests on their shoulders.

Should they fail to satisfy the Courts on how suddenly they became filthy rich, the law will take its course. Zambians are eagerly waiting for their stolen money from PF. In fact Zambians are very uncomfortable to continue mixing freely with these highly corrupt elements in our society. These corrupt elements must be very careful in whatever they say in front of cameras. Their excitement and arrogance will one day end up in tears. INSANSA SHINYA UBULANDA.

The issue of parading yourselves before the cameras each time you are arrested is uncalled for. Why are you all of a sudden claiming that you are innocent? Just wait for your time to lay your evidence before the Courts of law. Whatever you have as your defense please keep that to yourself and use it in Court. You stole from the Zambian people therefore don’t expect Zambians to sympathize with you, stop mocking them with your rhetoric. Zambians are only interested in seeing that what was stolen from them is recovered.

Always remember that, had you not stolen that money a life could have not been lost because the money you stole was meant to purchase drugs. Why would you want to hoodwink innocent Zambians in your greediness, it’s not Zambians that sent you to go and steal, you had a choice of stealing or not. Zambians will never sympathize with people who deprived them of jobs, decent living and sent their loved ones early to their graves. Crooks and thieves cannot appreciate anything, they think they are too cleaver that’s why they managed to steal and are still very free. The right place for any crook and criminal is prison; correctional facilities are just too decent.

Percy Chanda

UPND – NMC Member and Chairman for Mines


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