DON’T give Edgar Lungu pressure in the name of youth activists, Kabushi PF member of parliament Bowman Lusambo has said.

Lusambo said this when he addressed more than 200 taxi drivers drown from Kabushi Constituency at his residence in Ndola yesterday.

“No youth should go on media and say they are youth activists, no. There is no time for that. Don’t give Edgar Lungu pressure, he is looking at us and saying the youth do not appreciate,” he said.

“If you have seen bad in PF, that is you problem. If you have seen good in UPND, that is your issue. If you see good in NDC, that is your issue. For me here, it’s working for Kabushi Constituency. This meeting of taxi drivers is not something new. It is a continuous programme that we have for Kabushi Constituency. This is not the time for politics, it’s time for working together and changing the lives of people,” Lusambo said.

He said today there were no youth activists because President Lungu had opened the doors for the youth.

“You are youth activists, for what? The President Edgar Lungu has opened the doors. All the youths are inside. Here it is not about Edgar Lungu, he has opened the doors. So those youth activists, it’s an old style, it’s old fashioned. They don’t mean anything, it’s scrabble,” he said.

He said no one would be forced to support PF in Kabushi Constituency.

“We will never force anyone to work and support PF and President Edgar Lungu. It is a personal decision [to support] if you see what the PF, Edgar Lungu and Lusambo are doing is good. Development at any level is done by the people,” said Lusambo.

“[MMD] Die Hard was a strong movement which had an agenda. We agreed that the country has been over ruled by old people and we started the fight for young men and women to be incorporated in the development agenda as MMD Die Hards.

Our agenda attracted a lot of support from all stakeholders. After this agenda in 2015, I sat with Edgar Lungu and he said his governance system, he will include the youth,” he said.

Lusambo said there was a lot of freedom of expression in the country.

“Freedom of expression, everyone has in Zambia. But what is important is discipline. If there is discipline, you will see all things to be good. Democracy is very nice, but if you get it on the wrong side, it’s bad,” said Lusambo.


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