President Edgar Chagwa Lungu speaks during the tour of Toshiba Energy Systems Keihin Operations in Tokyo,Japan on Tuesday,December 18,2018. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2018


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says “Tonga Bulls” should not just go about boasting about being rich, when they were failing to improve the welfare of their traditional leaders in Southern Province.

Lungu was responding to headmen in Mazabuka who requested government, during a meeting to construct and complete palaces in the region, citing stalled works at Mwenda’s Chiefdom.

“You cannot be boasting in town that you are rich, you are a rich Tonga, you are tonga bull, you have got so much money, but why can’t you spare a few to help your chief build a palace, buy a car. That is how we used to do it in the past. What has happened?” wondered Lungu.

However, President Lungu said providing decent accommodation for traditional leaders “is not the responsibility of government alone” – but every citizen as subject of respective chiefdoms.

He has since called on citizens to help government complete the construction of palaces that have halted, while further recalling that subjects in the past used to take care of the welfare of their chiefs.

“So, you are coming from Chief Mwenda, you should help government to finish that structure, together. If you are coming from Chief Mwanachingwala, it’s your responsibility to help us.”

Represented by Monga Village Headman, Oscar Moonga at Zambia Sugar Training Centre on Saturday, the traditional leadership asked government to construct palaces for Chiefs.

Moonga said chiefs are living in dilapidated palaces that need urgent attention.

Credit: Byta FM


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