Don’t Politicise Kambwili’s Illness – Katele Kalumba

KATELE Kalumba

ZAMBIANS should not politicise Patriotic Front (PF) member of the central committee Chishimba Kambwili’s health because it might be a matter of life and death, former Minister of Finance Katele Kalumba has said.

Dr Kalumba who was recently released from jail by President Hakainde Hichilema due to ill health said had the head of state not intervened earlier he would have died.

He said there was a need to show compassion and ensure that Mr. Kambwili was treated and not to trivialize the matter.

Dr Kalumba told The Scoop in an interview that he understood Mr Kambwili’s condition and that he knew what he was going through.

He said that there was no need to crucify the former Roan Member of Parliament because he might be truly sick and needed to receive medical attention.

“I just want to call on the head of state to please intervene in the matter and ensure that he receives the much-needed medical attention.,” he said.

Dr Kalumba also thanked President Hichilema for having saved his life when he was sick by facilitating his treatment.

“Chishimba Kambwili is in pain. If the head of state did not intervene when I was sick, I would have died, so I expect the same treatment to be rendered to him (Kamwili),” he said.

He said that Mr Kambwili was in good hands because the personnel at Maina Soko were professional people.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kambwili who fled to Zimbabwe two weeks ago was arrested by that country’s authorities and deported back to Zambia on Thursday last week.

Minister of Home Affairs Jack Mwiimbu disclosed that Mr. Kambwili was handed over to the Zambian Government at Chirundu border post on Thursday night at around 23:00 hours.

The minister said Mr. Kambwili was currently admitted to Maina Soko Hospital in Lusaka where his health condition was being assessed.

Mr. Mwiimbu said Mr. Kambwili illegally entered Zimbabwe and surrendered his passport to immigration officers at the Chirundu Border when he was asked to appear before immigration officers.

He clarified that the Government did not at any point confiscate Mr. Kambwili’s passport and was not restricted from traveling to seek medical attention.- The Scoop Newspaper


  1. Ba Kalumba, there is no need for you to comment. You were let off the hook by virtue of your being a politician just like Mr. Liato was pardoned because of “Ill health”.

    Politicians seem to get special treatment when it comes to serving time in jail. So ba Kalumba, just keep quiet and enjoy your freedom.


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