Harry Kalaba

IN its quest to broadcast its activities 24/7, the opposition Democratic Party has launched an online television channel.

The party says DP TV can be accessed by anyone with Internet access.

DP leader Harry Kalaba says the hostile environment in which the mainstream media work under is another reason that has prompted the party to launch the TV station.

“The launch is extremely important because it gives us a platform to carry our activities 24 hours. This simply means that we’ll now be running our DP activities 24 hours, without necessarily waiting to buy space from other TV stations,” Kalaba said about the logic behind the TV channel.

“Yes, we’ll continue running our programmes on QTV every Saturday. But this particular online station will carry all our programmes for 24 hours. Then also because of the hostile environment in which we are where TV stations that can be pro-active are being blocked, closed and not being given the leeway to breathe, we thought as the Democratic Party that having our own online media channel will be very helpful.”

He explained that for those that want to watch DP TV, there is an app that they should download to enable them watch the channel on their smartphones.

“So, this is the way we want to proceed, especially that most of our people in most areas are all on smartphones. We want to reach every Zambian that can hear our message of goodwill and hope – that the time for change has come. Nobody should remain behind. Nobody is going to suppress our rights to be heard,” said Kalaba.


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