DPP disappoints Kambwili by commenting on investigations


DPP disappoints Kambwili by commenting on investigations

PF member of the central committee Chishimba Kambwili has expressed his disappointment at Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Gilbert Phiri for commenting on active investigations.

In an interview with Kalemba, Kambwili, a former Minister of Information, said throughout his entire life, he had never seen a DPP getting involved in an investigation.

He said he was taken aback at Phiri’s insinuation that there is need for the Drug Enforcement Commissionn (DEC) and Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to follow through investigations to ensure stolen funds were recovered.

“The DPP is supposed to be independent. Now, if the DPP is involved in investigations, how are they going to prosecute the matters?” Kambwili said.

He said if a matter was taken to the DPP or a docket was opened, it should be taken as if they do not know anything.

Kambwili added that investigations should be left to law enforcement officers.

“I am surprised and want to advise my young brother to keep it professional and not to be used by politicians because he is going to lose his reputation,” he noted.

“When they brought in Gilbert Phiri as the DPP, I said yes! They have brought in professionalism, but he has disappointed.”

Kambwili said he hopes Phiri could withdraw his statement or clarify the meaning of his statement.

“He (Phiri) can only comment on an issue that is in court. He can not comment on issues that are under investigation it means he has failed to perform his function.”

“In other words, he is conflicted. Maybe he still thinks he is at the ACC, I wish to remind him that he is the Director of Public Prosecutions and he can not be commenting on matters that are under investigation,” said Kambwili.

By Moses Makwaya



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