DPP wants Tasila Lungu to disclose father’s cash input into Sinda farm


DPP wants Tasila Lungu to disclose father’s cash input into Sinda farm

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has challenged Ms Tasila Lungu to provide clear documentation of her father, former President Edgar Lungu’s financial contribution towards the purchase and development of her farm in Sinda.

Ms Lungu has also been asked to give full disclosure of her father’s financial sources, which is necessary to ascertain the legality of the funds so gifted to her to acquire the said property.

In this matter, the DPP, Mr Gilbert Phiri, applied for a non-conviction-based forfeiture of Ms Lungu’s farm to the State for being tainted property.

Ms Lungu, however, opposed the application accusing the State of maliciously seeking to grab the farm because of her being the former President’s daughter https://dailynationzambia.com/


    • Kwena you also. Why ask HH source of funds when he’s not in court. If you want such a thing take him to court for whatever is in your head and ask court to do likewise.

  1. Ba Muna, if Mr. Lungu and PF had so much as a sliver of evidence of wrongdoing on the part of HH in the way he acquired his wealth, they would have locked him up to prevent him standing for President in 2021.

    They tried all sorts of gimmicks and failed miserably, including charging him with treason for a traffic offence his chauffeur committed.

    The Lungu family are slowly but surely tying themselves in knots.


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