Dr Cephas Mukuka Resigns From The MMD

Dr Cephas Mukuka


Ranchdale ,
off Government Road,


On 02/11/23 in the morning, I had a progressive and mature meeting with the MMD President, Dr. Nevers Mumba.
The meeting was held at his residence in Lusaka.

The main purpose of this said meeting was to remind him of my earlier intentions of leaving the party.

As a matter of fact, I should have resigned from the party in 2020 but was restrained and discouraged from leaving by the MMD Vice President Administration, Ms Winnie Zaloumis .

Madam Zaloumis and I met at her residence.I was accompanied by Mr Wellington Chilufya, who remained in the car as I discussed with Madam Zaloumis .

From 2020, I remained vigil and extremely observant as events around the party unfolded.
I knew that my decision to resign was final, but I did not want to look unguided, so I decided to hang around .

For the record ,i first met Dr. Nevers Mumba in 1997 through a friend of mine, Pastor Nathan Nkama,who at that time was an employee of the Zambia State Insurance Corporation Limited at Premium House.

My first work station in the bank was on the same premises as Zambia National Commercial Bank still has a branch there.

A few years later, Nathan, the current speaker of the National Assembly Hon Nelly Mutti, and I found ourselves in Kabwe at the Kasanda Grounds.
Dr. Nevers Mumba had his first political rally there.
Nathan and I got a lift from Ms Mutti, who equally drove us back to Lusaka after the rally.

At a national conference in Ndola, I was elected as the Treasurer General of the then National Christian Coalition, which later transformed into the National Citizens Coalition after an observation from members of the public.
I then became the first democratically elected Treasurer General
of the NCC .

I could not continue with the NCC because I got elected as Vice President of the Zambia Union Of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers,ZUFIAW,this was in 2001.
After 2 years, I got elected as President of the prestigious and powerful ZUFIAW following a vacancy in the Presidency.
I served as President for 10 years and only left in 2013 following constitutional battles within the institution.I became the first youngest and longest serving President in the history of the Union.

The same year, that is 2003,I won elections as the Assistant National Executive Secretary of the Federation of Free Trade Unions of Zambia,FFTUZ,a national centre like the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions,ZCTU.

The above activities were taking place at a time I had just registered a church by the name of Prince Of Peace Ministries right in Lusaka; i as well sat on the following boards as director,Zambia National Commercial Bank, Zambia National Building Society and the Pensions and Insurance Authority.

In 2008, I resigned from the FFTUZ after 5 solid years of good service.
Along the way, I further decided to leave the bank, and this was in 2016 in December, aged 47 years, having worked for 26 years of unbroken service.

The Managing Editor of the New Vision Newspaper Mr Mabvuto Chipeta invited me to be writing politics every week on thursday in a column I called ,the corner of justice.
This was in 2017 in January, and I had to stop in December of the same year following an invitation from Dr .Mumba to serve in the MMD.

In 2018, I accepted to join hands with Dr .Mumba as a party spokesperson .This was amidst serious confusions ,legal battles,and political intra party fights.At the Congress, I got reelected in the same position .

When Dr. Mumba formed the Reform Party,I held no position in the party but highly interacted with him by virtue of my position as Union President in high profile meetings and gatherings.

Today, 19/11/23, i have decided to resign from the MMD after serving 5 hard years due to the reasons mentioned above .
This is after serious time of praying,reflecting , retreat, consideration, and self introspection. My consciousness is clear and at peace.
In doing so, I wish to thank Dr. Mumba for the political exposure and opportunity to serve under his leadership in various capacities and positions.
I proudly served as Treasurer General, in the NCC, Spokesperson, and acted as Deputy National Secretary in the MMD, respectively.
I as well was a member of the 8 member Politburo of the MMD,which meets to recommend and sometimes decides in between National Executive Committee meetings and National Conferences.
I am proud and grateful for such golden opportunities and will forever be glad that I served under Dr. Mumba s leadership.

This comes barely 3 months of my other resignation from the Prince of Peace Ministries, as Overseer, the church I founded in 1998 .
I remain chairperson with a new Overseer Prophetess Grace Pule.

Allow me also to show gratitude to the entire MMD fraternity for the trust and confidence bestowed upon me whilst in the party.

I am further asking for forgiveness from all those I may have offended in a way or another during my course of duty.
Those in the party and outside the party; at an optune time, I shall announce my next move as I am ready hot for future openings and opportunities.

Aluta continua,beer lahai Roi,rehoboth.
I thank you.

Dr Cephas Mukuka
Political Researcher


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