DR Congo court to hear challenge to presidential result

Katumbi, Tshisekedi

The Constitutional Court of the Democratic Republic of Congo is due to begin hearing a challenge into last month’s presidential election.

The petition to annul the presidential results was submitted last week by Théodore Ngoy, who came last with 0.02% of the vote.

He termed the results a “sham”.

The two main opposition candidates, Moïse Katumbi and Martin Fayulu, disputed the results but declined to challenge them in court.

The Constitutional Court is expected to give a ruling before 12 January, when the electoral body will announce the final results.

If Mr Ngoy’s challenge is thrown out, President Felix Tshisekedi will be sworn in for a second term on 20 January, after winning the election with 73% of the vote.

The 20 December election was marred by widespread logistical problems. It had to be extended to a second day in some parts of the vast country.

On Sunday, the electoral body disqualified 82 legislative, provincial and local candidates, citing fraud and violence.



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