DR Congo schools closed due to employee protests


Over 100 schools in the eastern region of Beni in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been closed for nearly two weeks because teachers are protesting.

Many school staff members are choosing not to go back to school after three teachers were killed in a terrorist attack last month.

The workers, led by unions, have said they will start teaching only after the investigation into the attack is made public.

At least 26 people were murdered with big knives when a group of armed people attacked the Masosi area during the night on 24 October.

The spokesperson for the army in Congo, Captain Anthony Mualushayi, said to the BBC that five people are still not found after the attack.

The army said that a group called the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) from Uganda was responsible for the killings.

As the investigation continues on the attack, talks between the authorities and the protesting education unions have stopped.

The International Organization for Migration says that about 6. 9 million people in DR Congo have been made to leave their homes this year. Most of them are running away because of the problems caused by over 200 armed groups in the eastern part of the country.


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