Renowned Political Writer Dr. Lawrence Mwelwa Resigns from PF

By KFM News Reporter

Renowned political writer, academician, and husband of Chienge Constituency Member of Parliament, Hon. Given Katuta Mwelwa, Dr. Lawrence Mwelwa, has officially tendered his resignation from the Patriotic Front (PF). In a letter addressed to the Secretary General of the PF Central Committee, Dr. Mwelwa expressed his grave concerns about the recent state of affairs within the party.

Citing substantial setbacks, turmoil, and a lack of direction, Dr. Mwelwa highlighted the confusion and instability that currently plagues the PF. He expressed his disappointment in witnessing the party, which he once believed in, struggle through such challenging times. Dr. Mwelwa voiced his skepticism regarding the ability of President Edgar Lungu to effectively transform the PF and restore it to its former glory.

After careful consideration, Dr. Mwelwa concluded that his continued association with the PF would be incongruent with his values, aspirations, and vision for a prosperous and united Zambia. Therefore, he respectfully submitted his resignation from both his position within the Commerce Sub-committee and his membership in the party, effective immediately.

Dr. Mwelwa expressed his gratitude for the opportunities and friendships he had forged during his time as a member of the Patriotic Front. He acknowledged the trust and faith bestowed upon him and expressed his willingness to ensure a seamless transition of his duties.

While resigning, Dr. Mwelwa extended his best wishes to the Patriotic Front and expressed hope that the party would find a path towards unity, stability, and progress. He emphasized his desire to witness a reinvigorated PF that effectively represents the hopes and aspirations of the Zambian people.

Dr. Mwelwa’s resignation from the PF has sparked discussions and speculations about the future of the party. As a renowned political writer and academician, his decision carries significant weight within political circles. Many are eager to see if his resignation will lead to further divisions or prompt much-needed introspection and reform within the Patriotic Front.


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