By Peter Sinkamba


UPND is set to present a Bill to Parliament to amend the IBA Act with the sole purpose to punish perceived opponents that use social media to disseminate their views.

Targeted opponents include social media broadcasters critical of government, the likes of Dr. Sishuwa Sishuwa, Kasonde Mwenda, Laura Miti, Emmanuel Mwamba, Chilufya Tayali etc.

The Bill is also intended to punish groups that use social media to disseminate their views critical of government, the likes of Barotse National Freedom Alliance in Western Province, Umodzi Kumawa, Eastern Province, etc.

Above all, the Bill is intended to stiffle and punish political parties that use social media to reach out to the public, especially now that the 2026 elections are drawing closer. With innovation in social media broadcast outpacing traditional TV and radio broadcasting, this mode of communication has gained more traction than never before.

UPND government should remember that President HH in opposition relied solely on social media broadcasting, especially twitter and Facebook to reach out to the masses, especially the youth, without any iota of restriction. If there was no social media outreach, before, during and after elections, there is no way that UPND would have won the 2021 elections.

So, UPND government should learn from an old Lozi adage of “pukucwe munyelela siliba”. Never defecate in a water-well after you drink from it, especially if it is located along the way to your neighbouring village because you may need to drink from the same well on you way back”.

UPND government should also learn from an old adage of never to kick the ladder that one used to go up because you may need the same ladder on his way down.

Finally, UPND leaders must learn from mistakes of previous government that enacted laws to punish opponents. The same laws were subsequently used to punish the same leaders that enacted the laws when they lost power. There are several examples in this regard, too numerous to mention. Some cases are in courts of law right now. So UPND leaders may face the same fate.

My appeal to UPND government is that they need for decongest the cage they used to go up because they will need the same cage on their way down.

Learn from past mistakes. When forewarned, you are forearmed.

For now, I end here on this issue.


  1. Look here Peter Sinkamba, please be open-minded. Ask the government what nuisance it’s trying to cure by passing the suggested amendments to the Independent Broadcasting Act? That way, you will understand. There’s nowhere in the world where the business of regularly disseminating information to the public in whatever form is not regulated. Broadcasting divisive lies or sensitive information should always have consequences.

  2. The manufacturer / Creator of man saw it fit to give Laws to protect the integrity of this wonderful Creation!
    Where there is no Law, Chaos reigns!
    We know that Social media platforms are a recent addition to our African societies. However, we forget that where these technologies come from, there are rules and regulations attached to the public use of these media platforms.
    The abuse and misuse of social media platforms is self-evident. We have seen too many inappropriate, unlawful and unethical publishing.
    This clearly calls for regulation!
    All Social media platforms come with regulations already on how they should be used. It’s just unfortunate that our people don’t have the culture of reading but the rules are there.
    It is the duty of government to ensure that all users of all media platforms are protected from abuse.
    What the government should do is to present it’s case well.
    It should get all stakeholders on board to make sure a good Law is enacted! It should not be done on partisan lines. That will make it a bad Law!
    Human beings function better under the Rule of Law!


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