Dying Economy Puts Hichilema In Desperate, Draconian Survival Mode- Fred M’membe

Dr. Fred M'membe


We have warned before that Mr Hakainde Hichilema is not going to de-escalate the tensions and abuses of state power and the administration of the criminal justice system.

The shrinking civic and political space, criminalisation of dissent, and all forms of human rights violations we are witnessing today are all deliberate and a product of desperation.

Equally, the impunity and senseless brutality, disregard for the rule of law, and the grand corruption and looting of state resources and funds that are currently on display are deliberate.

But why this extreme paranoia and brazen abuse of the criminal justice systems, law enforcement, and other institutions of governance? Why this insatiable appetite for violence, corruption, and chaos?

Well, Mr Hichilema and his league are fully aware that they lack the demonstrable ability and intellect to understand the state of our economy and social political situation, and thereafter, superintend or engineer a workable and sustainable economic and political transformation for the country.

In fact, it dawned on this corrupt regime that they will not manage to transform this economy and ultimately guarantee a prosperous and sustainable survival of the people just after a year and a few months into their term of office. Mr Hichilema and his league know that they have no solutions to this country’s economic woes and have now resolved to become tyrannical and authoritarian in their quest to retain power beyond 2026.

All these draconian intentions and actions; the violation of our constitutional order, human rights abuses, detentions and torture, abuse of the judiciary, parliament, the police and other institutions of governance are calculated at boosting Mr Hichilema’s chances of securing a second term in office.

They know that there is absolutely nothing they will do to turn the economy around and improve the livelihoods of our people so they’re in a survival or political self-preservation mode.

They want power at all cost even when it’s clear that there is nothing they’re doing currently to warranty their continuity of their leadership at this point. They just want power for the sake of it. They want power for selfish reasons. They want power to protect their commercial interests and their corrupt business networks.

This is the reason they’re so desperate and determined to instal a full-blown dictatorship and make this country an outpost of senseless tyranny.

Its the same reason Mr Hichilema wants to change the Constitution to perpetuate his stay in office by removing the 5-year presidential term limit and introduce a 7-year term as well as remove the 50% + 1 to revert to First Past the post electoral system to avoid a rerun, which he fears he can’t win.

The signs are clear that they are not going to stop the spread of brutality, ethnic bigotry, division and tyranny in the country and that they will increasingly become desperate as we get towards the end of their term.

We therefore need to stand together and resist the tyranny and oppression that has taken hold in the country. This road to destruction and chaos Mr Hichilema is leading us to must be stopped because nobody is prepared to be enslaved, maimed, abused and tortured just to feed Mr Hichilema’s ego, hatred, vengeance, tribalism and extreme thirst for power, money and control.

We must, by all legitimate means necessary stop this madness and take action to restore order, stability, prosperity, and democracy in our country.

One bad term doesn’t deserve another, aleya!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Nobody even responds to him. The guy is in his own imaginery world. If bad language full of lies, jealous and bitterness could be exported for dollars, the national treasury wud be full of foreign currency and wud hv paid off our debt.

  2. This man has an unlikeable personality. Don’t know if he knows.
    He is not even MP material later on presidential material.
    He is like mwamba celebrating the problems that Country is going through as a result of mostly issues beyond the control of the president.

    He is so bitter!!

  3. M’membe is always full of hatred and there is nothing good he can say about HH just as satan cannot say anything good about God or his beloved son Jesus Christ. The economy had died or collapsed under the previous administration but the new dawn government has worked tirelessly to put it back on the track. You can agree with me that this is the first time in two years that the dollar has reached 23 kwacha and it is not only the kwacha but all the regional and other international currencies. Try to check on the Rand, the Pula, Kenya, Tanzanian Shillings, they have all lost against the dollar because the causes are triggered by the global factors which we or HH can’t control here in Zambia. Are you not seeing that most of the Aid is now directed to Ukraine and Gaza and that trend will continue until these wars.are over, of course not forgetting that more money will be needed for rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure in both Gaza and Ukraine. We always say that good or bad economic management has long term effects which can show or come to be felt many years after the prudent or reckless government has already gone. For example, PF managed to run this country even without a vision because the prudent economic management by MMD, the effects were now showing and felt under PF. Even when some people are saying things were better under PF than this time, yes, they are right but that was out of MMD’s efforts because PF did nothing to improve the economy leave alone to destroy it. So even this time, the bad economic management of PF is being felt now, this is the time it is showing. This how economic life is, we have to undergo this stage whether we like it or not. Equally, the repairs that the new dawn is doing now are long term, they can’t be felt within their first two years in office, it’s simply not possible. But that does not and should not diminish or dampen our hope because we know that good days are coming again. On average, we expect things to seriously change after five to seven years, so the party that will come after the second term of UPND, I.e. if Zambians will decide to change, that new party or government will benefit a lot from the efforts of UPND may be more than UPND itself. So, ba M’membe, interfering or disturbing the ruling party is indirectly shooting yourself in the foot because you never know which party will come after it, it could be your SP, give them time to work so that you can inherit a good economy. Seleni babombe abanenu, there is no dying economy in Zambia, our economy is on its way to full recovery and very soon you will see and prove it.

  4. Uncle Fred,
    This is not about Hichilema nor is it about power. It is about mother Zambia. So, if you are a patriot as you claim, help government resolve the current economic challenges by offering solutions. Hatred and vindictiveness may not help.


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