E-Creator Founder Zhao Jiaotong Flees Zimbabwe with Millions, Leaving Investors Devastated


E-Creator Founder Zhao Jiaotong Flees Zimbabwe with Millions, Leaving Investors Devastated

In a shocking turn of events, E-Creator, a prominent e-commerce platform in Zimbabwe, issued a statement regarding its founder, Zhao Jiaotong. The statement alleges that Jiaotong, a Chinese national, has been involved in fraudulent activities, prompting the closure of the platform.

According to the statement, Jiaotong had been withdrawing funds from E-Creator through Ecocash agents in Harare. He would then transfer the money to his personal Ecocash account or use various methods to deceive E-Creator employees into providing him with funds. His actions reportedly resulted in losses amounting to over 1 million US dollars.

E-Creator Pleads for Public Assistance in Apprehending Jiaotong
Aware of Jiaotong’s intentions to leave Zimbabwe, E-Creator pleaded with the public for assistance in apprehending him. They advised individuals to be vigilant at airports and along border roads. A reward was offered to anyone who could provide information leading to the recovery of the lost funds.

The closure of E-Creator has left many Zimbabweans devastated, as they trusted the platform and invested their hard-earned money in it. The company had reassured people that their money was safe, despite experiencing some withdrawal delays. Unfortunately, it seems that their trust was misplaced, and now they are left in tears.

Full Statement on The E-Creator Platform About The Founder Fleeing With Millions
This person’s name is Zhao Jiaotong, he is a Chinese, he is the founder of E-creator, and he is currently withdrawing money through the Ecocash agent in Harare, and he will transfer money to his personal Ecocash to ask someone to help him withdraw money or through The method of transferring funds to the Ecocash agent to defraud E-creator employees of fund.

He tried to leave Zimbabwe tonight, carrying all the deposits of E-creator employees. Due to his departure, E-creator was forced to close. I am very sorry. He has more than 1 million US dollars on him. If you find him at the airport or on the border road, you will get back the money you lost. Let us all find him and get back the money that belongs to us.

E-Creator’s Legitimacy and Business Model

E-Creator, registered as a limited liability company in Zimbabwe, proudly displayed its certificate of incorporation on its website. The company was registered on the 7th of February 2023 and had all the necessary business documents required in Zimbabwe, including Tax Clearance and a Certificate of Incorporation. However, despite all this, some questioned the legitimacy of E-Creator’s business model.

The company’s business model involved cooperating with merchants on e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Zalando to increase their product sales through positive reviews and promotions. The merchants paid the company promotion fees, and the employees who completed the work earned commission income. This business model and the high-interest rates of 4 percent per day attracted many investors and customers to E-Creator.


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