Easterners accuse UPND of harassing them


Easterners accuse UPND of harassing them

THE people of Easter Province have disapproved President Hakainde Hichilema’s style of governance and have accused the UPND government of the continued harassment of former President Edgar Lungu and the other people who hail from the region.

Former Home Affairs Minister Lameck Mangani said the people of Eastern Province were worried about the continued harassment of the former head of State.

“It is like Zambia has different elaws, some that do not touch the people of the south and the law that was for everyone, its hard to understand how this has been working https://epaper.dailynationzambia.com/public/


  1. We knew this narrative was going to be peddled. Keep going. Add more fire. Add more lies.

    Just be I informed that trying to squeeze public sympathy using a fake narrative usually backfires.

  2. When did this foolish finished politician become a spokesperson for the people of Eastern Province? Lungu retired and was resting peacefully, who was harassing him that time? Is it not himself who came back to the political arena? If you cry for rains, you are also crying for mud. If you walk into the boxing ring, you expect a blow and not a hand shake.

  3. JJ Banda has been found alive. I hope truth-telling will start now. I hope JJ Banda himself will help in finding the truth.

  4. Edgar Chagwa Lungu must not be taken lightly. When Kk was under house arrest who said Easterners were mistreated?
    Edgar Chagwa Lungu must not be forgotten that he was not only a president but was a commander of all armed forces. Meaning he is not a civilian but un indisplined man in Uniform. He must not be taken lightly but with restrictions because he can harm the Nation.
    Edgar Chagwa Lungu must realize that he ruled this Nation before and took orth twice as a republican president who should be giving good advices to those who are eying for presidency. ECL must be above reproach who can not be compared to ranting political leaders. RB is the best example who lead only 3 years but was an outstanding leader who came out clean

  5. Mr Mangani. People must just be civil and law abiding when holding political office or just connected to those in government. Persons like Kaiser, Jay Jay, Lusambo, Tayali, Nawakwi, Mmembe etc have wantonly trampled on other peoples’ freedoms in the name of politics. How do you beat up a journalist and urinate in his mouth? Not to mention those who lost their lives!!@

  6. Mr. Mangani, are you the president of Eastern Province for you to speak on behalf of the people?

    The fact that Mr. Lungu and his family are being asked to account for their misconduct does not mean it becomes a universal problem for Easterners. Tribalism is the last refuge for the scoundrel.

    Is it harassment if Mrs. Lungu is asked to account for the source of the USD4000000 she entrusted to a niece for “safekeeping”?

    Theaw must be blind to one’s origins. We want justice and no shortcuts.

  7. Useless politicians that hoped to continue receiving looted money. If Edgar breaks the law he will be prosecuted, and you too if you are an accomplice. I come from Eastern province myself but am not being prosecuted for my smallholding I got through clean funds. The thieving former first family must prove their “sudden” source of wealth during their father/husband’s tenor in public office. Why are they finding it hard to do so? Former First Lady Thandiwe Banda had no difficulties proving her source of funds for Mpundu Trust flats when asked to do so under PF rule. Edgar and family plundered this country’s resources to enrich themselves. We want them jailed, not just grabbing some of their properties while they are enjoying use of others.

  8. Most of the elite and politicians use tribe to champion their political and evil agenda to gain popularity from the majority of the ordinary and poor people. People like Mangani Phiri are using tribe to advocate for evil and in order to gain favours from former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu and other blind unwise people from Eastern Province. When Mangani Phiri was Minister did he use his earnings to help the people from Eastern Province to support their children ‘s education or help any poor family with money to improve their livelihoods? Did he build any community school or health centre for the people of Eastern Province. Instead, selfishly Mangani Phiri was just concerned with enriching himself and providing a lavish lifestyle for his children. Today
    he is broke and he is using tribe to blind people as though he cares for them. Are ordinary poor people from Eastern Province going to eat tribe? The elite and selfish politicians like Mangani Phiri use tribe to
    thrive in their evil political agenda.

    I know that tribalism has very negative consequences when it is used to exclude individuals or groups or to take away their rights, status, and or independence. The negative aspects of tribalism are usually fueled by competition, jealous, envy, hatred, and the perception of a common threat and feelings of insecurity.

    Elite capture in accessing social and economic opportunities in society is far more worse than tribalism. At the centre of elite capture and tribalism it is the ordinary and poor people who are the victims.

    As society let us put the fear of God first in our lives and love one another because we are all created in the image of God. Politicians whether from the ruling government or from the opposition political parties should not divide Zambia because of their greediness and love of luxury things and money.

    We should fight against tribalism and elite capture by all means and let us not allow politicians to disunity Zambia. Politics today is not a service to the people but in most cases it has become a lucrative employment to gain quick wealth and good living at the expense of the poor people. Our politicians need repentance..


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